The beginning of a new romantic relationship ismagic time. How much awe to the hearts of lovers deliver the first date, unexpected calls from the chosen one and mutual courtship! So, the meeting with "the same" has already been appointed, it remains only to prepare. We will try to figure out what to give to the girl on the first date, and is it appropriate for such an occasion?

Rules for a perfect gift

What to give a girl on a first date
Many modern girls claim thatgifts - this is not the main thing in a love relationship. And yet approximately 90% of the young ladies sincerely rejoice in every souvenir and flower presented to loved ones without any special reason. And this means that gifts on dates can and should be given. What to choose for the very first and romantic meeting? Rule one - do not buy anything costly. Such a present will at least confuse the girl. It is possible and an alternative option - the chosen one will fall in love with the money of her admirer, and not in his personal qualities. Thinking what to give a girl on the first date, you should focus on the chosen option of pastime.

If you decide to go to a place orjust take a walk, the gift should be compact. You can choose something bulky or heavy only if the young man plans to take the companion to the house in his car. And the third rule of choosing a gift - give up too personal things. It's about the symbols of love (hearts, images of couples in love), underwear, cosmetics and perfumes. You can give such things only when you are with a girl in a relationship. At the first meeting they are inappropriate.

What a bouquet to give a girl on the first date: the secrets of choosing flowers

What flowers to give to the girl on the first date
One of the most popular gift optionswithout a reason for women - flowers. At the first romantic meeting it is appropriate to come with even one rose without packaging. An excellent option for guys who are afraid to seem banal - a small original bouquet. What kind of flowers to give the girl on the first date to really surprise her? Choose gerberas, chrysanthemums or orchids. An excellent option and seasonal flowers: lilies of the valley, forget-me-nots, tulips. You can impress the girl by buying her a bouquet "spontaneously" while walking. Do not be too lazy to ask me what flowers she likes. Planning a long walk and are afraid that the bouquet will wither? Choose floral compositions collected on special sponges-bases. And yet, in some cases, freshly cut flowers are not the best idea for gifts. In the cold season or in bad weather, it is better to choose something different.

Sweet Present

What can you give a girl on a first date
It is difficult to find a fair sex,which does not like sweets. Chocolate or a set of chocolates is a universal gift. In the confectionery shops are also sold very original sweet souvenirs. These are chocolate figures, gingerbread houses, cakes with wishes and much more. What can you give a girl on the first date to cheer her up? The original souvenir - colored candy, stylized as a pill. Names usually for such "drugs" are appropriate: "For a good mood", "From sadness" or "The pill of happiness." Surprise any girl and cookies with predictions or personal chocolate.

Souvenir for memory

Do not know what to give to the girl on the firstdate? Go to any major gift shop! Keychain, cute statuette, miniature soft toy - all these are excellent options for a presentation without a reason. You can also choose a frame for a photo or something from costume jewelry, if you are sure that you know enough about the tastes of your chosen one. Idea for travelers - bring a gift from the trip. This option is appropriate in the case if the girl likes you a long time, and only now you decide to invite her on a date. A souvenir from another country must be truly original, a simple magnet with the name of the city will not work. Choose handmade products of local craftsmen.

The book is the best gift

What bouquet to give to the girl on the first date
To read today is very fashionable. You can make a pleasant impression on a lady of the heart by giving her a real paper book. Do not know the girl's favorite authors? It's not a problem - choose a collection of romantic poetry. A good option is a book with wise quotes and aphorisms. In modern bookstores, you can also find special gift editions. In such gift books, wishes and beautiful photos are collected. What to give a girl on the first date, if you are not sure that she likes to read?

For a symbolic presentation,paper diary or a beautiful postcard. If you choose the second option, observe the limits of decency. The postcard should be beautiful, and its contents - neutral and modest. The most frank recognition of the first joint evening can be the phrase: "I like you." Suitable for such a case and postcards with philosophical or neutral covers. Write in a couple of lines, do not forget to thank for the meeting and pleasant communication.

Choose an individual present

What is better to give a girl on a first date

Buying a gift, we always think aboutperson for whom it is intended. If you have already talked with a girl for a while, you want to please, you can choose something special for her. Try to understand what exactly interests her the most. For example, if you know that she is studying or working in the office, you can safely donate office supplies. Of course, they must be beautiful and original. Present to the chosen one a rare disc with a film or music, if she said that she has been looking for something for a long time.

It is not difficult to choose a gift forgirl-collector. Try to learn enough about her collection and the principles of selecting new exhibits. In our age of high technology, an actual gift is something from gadgets. What is better to give the girl on the first date from the technical novelties? Choose something simple and inexpensive. Perfectly suitable memory card or headphones, made in the original design. Knowing the brand and model of the smartphone girl of your dreams, you can please her with accessories for this gadget.

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