Wedding on the islands is an event that is forgottenimpossible! A paradise for lovers is the Seychelles. On the whole planet there is no place more exotic, surprising and so popular, for the wedding ceremony, like the Seychelles. These islands are simply created for love and bliss. Wedding on the islands will be an unforgettable event in life.

The local population is very hospitable and welcoming, andalready in the ability to entertain guests, they have no equal. Add an exotic flavor of the wedding ceremony dressing in national costumes. All 120 islands for the newlyweds! It remains only to choose which wedding in the Seychelles is desirable for lovers. There are many options - this is a solemn wedding on a chic white yacht. Such a celebration will certainly leave vivid impressions and unforgettable memories of this date.

No less interesting is the option: wedding on the islands - uninhabited. To the place of the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds will be delivered either by yacht or by helicopter. The betrothal of the young will take place against the backdrop of nature in its pristine form. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds can take a boat trip along the coast or on horseback deep into the island. And in the evening, having met a delightful sunset to go to the bungalow, for the evening meal and the ritual of ablution before the wedding night.

Seychelles always amaze theirvariety and uniqueness, whether it's a meeting of a new day on the shore of a peacefully dormant ocean, or a fun picnic with contests and amusements under the shade of local exotic vegetation. These islands are especially beautiful at night. They turn into a true paradise for lovers: a fragrance of exotic flowers, rose petals. The flickering light of the moon, reflected in gently rolling on white sand, waves. This measured rhythm of the eternal movement of life is transmitted by lovers. There is an uncontrollable desire to merge together on the shore of the ocean under the light of the moon, under the whisper of waves under the gentle chirping of night birds and trills of cicadas.

Connoisseurs of folklore and traditions may seeman attractive themed wedding on the Creole islands. It mixed the cultures and traditions of many nationalities. Wedding ceremonies, filled with bright ethnic color. They have reflected European traditions and Spanish customs, especially vivid shades and coloring of wedding dresses of newlyweds. Garlands and bouquets of exotic flowers, spicy aromas of fantastically delicious delicacies of Creole cuisine with fruits of avocado and fried bananas, seafood. The abundance of delicious, aromatic dishes of local cuisine will lead to incredible delight even the most exquisite gourmets.

Wedding on the islands in Creole is unthinkable withoutCreole tango. To organize this dance of love and passion will help the organizers of the celebration. At sunset, when the sun sits over the horizon and the fragrant night descends on this blessed land, a lot of lanterns illuminate on the islands - the most bizarre forms. Everyone can enjoy rhythmic and incendiary dances.

If the newlyweds want to have a wedding onSeychelles was held in the traditional version, then in the Cathedral there will be a religious ceremony of marriage. The whole wedding ceremony will take place in a traditional, classical style. The bride must have a white dress, the groom has a black coat. A church representative will hold a wedding ceremony. Then the newlyweds will exchange the rings and sign the marriage certificate. At the end of the ceremony, the newlyweds are advised to visit the island of La Ding, and the existing turtle nursery. Fortunately, a young couple will be presented with a turtle as a symbol of longevity and wisdom.

The marriage concluded in the Seychelles is considered valid in our country.

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