"Having sex with a condom is the same thingthe most that breathe in the smell of flowers through a gas mask. "Probably, many people came across this phrase.The person who invented it probably did not even think about the consequences of sex without a condom: possible sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy.In addition, did not even know the information about modern condoms, which are not only produced by ultrathin for the most natural sensations, but also equipped with additional "twists" for increasing sensitivity and enhancing pleasure.

ribbed condom

Types of condoms

Let's talk briefly about the main and most popular types of condom.

  • Classic condom. The name here speaks for itself. These are smooth latex products of standard shape, which differ from each other only in size. As a rule, classical condoms are lubricated with silicone gel, which reduces friction and increases protective properties.
  • Anatomical (superfine) condom fromThe previous species is characterized by a thinner latex layer and a shape that is as close as possible to the anatomical structure of the penis. Such products give partners the most natural sensations.
  • Condom with prolongation effect. This species differs from the others only in the type of lubricant. It contains an anesthetic, which reduces the sensitivity of the head, resulting in an increase in the duration of the sexual intercourse.
  • Colored and flavored condoms. Everything is clear by the name of the species. From classical condoms they differ only in color, flavoring or both.
  • Ribbed condom. The main feature of this type is a corrugated surface, due to which additional stimulation is carried out. Ribbed condoms are very popular. That's why you should pay special attention to them.

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Ribbed condom: its varieties and features

Ribbed, or textured, condoms are divided into three groups:

  • Ribbed - with small ribs in the form of ringlets.
  • Rough - with pimples.
  • Combined - ribs and pimples. In this case, the combination can be in a variety of variations: pimples at the base and ribs in the head, ribs along the entire length of the condom and so on.

In this case, the pimples are much better thanribs. It is important only to take into account the fact that their action is more aggressive, so this type of condom will not be a very good choice if the girl has very sensitive and thin walls of the vagina or little lubrication is released. Although in the latter case, you can use special lubricants.

For those who do not know what ribbed condoms look like, the photo is presented below.

One stroke of two birds with one stone

The ribbed condom was created by the manufacturersfor additional stimulation during intercourse, which allows you to experience new, previously unknown sensations. But at the same time, he copes well with his original and primary function - protection from unwanted pregnancy and diseases that are transmitted sexually. Using ribbed condoms, you can kill two birds with one stone at a time: take care of your health and give your partner an unforgettable experience. It is worth noting that this method of contraception gives maximum protection against unwanted pregnancy.

condoms ribbed reviews

Condoms ribbed: customer reviews

Reviews of this particular type of condom inMost cases are positive. Satisfied customers note that the ribbed condom helped to bring diversity into the intimate life, to enhance the pleasant sensations during sex. In addition, such products do not give a single doubt for their reliable protection, since the latex layer is slightly thicker, in comparison with the classical version.

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