How to confess love? A question that interests millions of people on the planet. And it does not matter whether this should sound for the first time or for your relationship for several years. The main thing is to be able to do it in an original way, creatively and skillfully. In this article you will find some tips and recommendations on how to surprise a loved one.

If the words "I love you" should soundfor the first time, it is worth seriously thinking about how to make an official declaration of love. It is important for your chosen one to remember this moment for many years, even if he does not reciprocate.

So, how to confess love? Come up, look in your eyes and say the treasured phrase? In no case! It all depends on the circumstances, if you are straight, then your loved one can be rude and sharp to you. In the case, if everything is done in a suitable environment, then, probably because of your originality and romanticism, to refuse immediately seems not quite the right decision. A person may think that even if he does not love you now, he will be able to reciprocate you later. And will not immediately refuse.

Now let's think together about howconfess your love. To begin with, you need to take into account the fact that you can not force another person to burn with feelings toward your personality. So, even if you do not hear anything good in return, put up with it and go with proudly raised head further.

The first thing you need is to look in the open spacesInternet, a short declaration of love to a girl, because long poetic phrases sometimes seem very boring. Then buy a beautiful romantic postcard and copy this text there with your own hand. If this seems sufficient and you will not think of anything else, then go to your lover and give her a postcard. Well, if you want to say the main words in a more romantic atmosphere, then you should think about choosing a place. A nightclub or a noisy bar does not fit at all. This should not be done in a noisy company.

Choose the right room and the time whenbe together. And then - safely into battle. We hand in a postcard where there is a short declaration of love to a girl with a soft toy and flowers - and we follow the reaction. Respect her decision, try to influence him if it seems unfair to you. Convince me to give you a chance to prove your love, that is, to assign a so-called "probation period". But if the heart of the chosen one remains deaf to your words, do not be humiliated. One who is not able to assess the feelings of another person, definitely not worth it.

If the girl is not entirely familiar to you, thenthe above method is exactly what you need. In other cases (you have been friends for a long time, your relationship lasts not for the first year and you need an original way to let another woman know that she is everything to you, etc.), you can suggest a romantic candlelight dinner. Interesting music, beautiful design of the table, interior - these are the main components of success. The walls of the room can be decorated with the inscriptions "I Love You" in all the languages ​​of the world. And do not forget about the flowers. Such a recognition your beloved will remember for many years.

The question of how to admit love requiresmeditations. It all depends on your specific situation, because, in any case, your only one knows yourselves. And if this is not so, then find out about her preferences from close friends or friends, they are more willing to help you.

Finally one more tip. If you do not know in advance what will be answered to you, and are not sure that a person will say "I love you too," do not be embittered. Often it all depends on how to admit to love, because words can catch your lady off guard. Do not insist on anything, be a faithful knight in her eyes, capable for her for any feats.

The most important thing is to be sincere. This is sure to be appreciated! The choice of how to confess your love is yours. Good luck!

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