Many famous people call the love of thisa disease that can inspire people and inspire feats, and may cause irreparable harm. In the latter case, love is especially dangerous, since it destroys not only the relationship, but also the very soul of an unrequited lover. How to forget a loved one? In general is this possible? Answers to these questions everyone finds for himself, through reflection, doubt and painful efforts.

So, you broke up .... It does not matter, by whose fault it happened, but the loved one has left, and does not intend to return. It remains only to decide how to forget the guy you love, and continue to live on. Of course, in a state of grief and resentment, all reasonable explanations concerning the importance of life experience given by parting and the need to learn from one's own mistakes will not seem important. Rupture of relations is a painful and complicated process, nobody can make it easier until enough time has passed.

But time goes by, and the former lover still does notwants to leave the memory, forcing to regret the lost, and to wish the impossible - to turn everything back? This is much more dangerous, because if you do not learn how to forget your loved one, you can never return to normal life and not find happiness with another man. It is necessary to take yourself in hand and take on this difficult matter. First, you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and blame the entire surrounding world for such wild injustice. Two men and women are to blame for the break in relations, regardless of whether they quarreled all the time, and parting was the only way out, or at one very fine point you just became strangers to each other. Therefore, we must try to understand and accept the gap - the realization that everything is already over and will never be the same will be, of course, painful, but necessary for the incentive to live on.

How to forget the man you love? To love yourself! Visit the beauty salon, change the style of clothes, meet new interesting people and lead a bright life. It is necessary to minimize communication with the former lover, in no case to question him about common friends and not follow him around the corner. Ideally, get rid of all reminders of previous relationships, such as gifts, souvenirs, co-purchases, photos and other details reminiscent of what can not be returned. Of course, things get rid of things much faster and easier than from memories, but you have to work on it constantly, daily and every minute. Overcome sad thoughts - do not read romance novels and do not watch sentimental films. Better be engaged in some business that will not let you get bored and distracted by unnecessary meditations: lean on studying, make repairs in an apartment or go to visit old friends.

For those who do not even know how to forgetloved one, you can give one more serious advice: to leave for some time or forever from the city, in which everything is reminiscent of the previous relationship. Agree, it is very difficult to walk in the familiar streets and remember how you dined in a cozy cafe, went together to the cinema or just walked around the park. To once again not remind yourself of the best moments of your life with your loved one, try not only to avoid these places, but also not to go there on purpose.

In addition, it is worthwhile to think about whetherWas your relationship so cloudless? Of course, any woman is ideal to idealize her lover, attributing to him the most positive qualities, and forgetting about the unpleasant moments. Think about how to forget a loved one more successfully and faster than recalling the negative impressions associated with it? Remember all the quarrels, grievances and scandals - after that it will become much easier for you to live.

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