Their flight is silent, they perfectly see in the darkness,their acute hearing and an instant reaction. Their moving head is able to rotate in any direction by 180 and 270 degrees! Their eyes are so huge that the bird's look seems very harsh. This effect is due to the immobility of the eyes. In the people they were called feathered cats, but the real name of these birds is owls. Larger owls are called owls. Interestingly, what is the difference between an owl and an owl, and is it any different? First, we'll look at them separately.

than an owl differs from an owl

A sharp owl and a wise owl

The entire body of the owl is adapted to night hunting. The slightest rustle even in complete darkness - and then the prey was discovered and caught! Depending on the size of the bird, its prey may be large insects, other birds, fishes and small mammals animals. Owls, destroying rodents, bring great benefits to man. They live around the globe, except that with the exception of Antarctica and several islands in the ocean. Their habitats are deserts, forests, mountains, tundra. The life span of owls depends on their type. For example, small species of owls live up to 20 years, and large (for example, owl) in captivity live to 68 years.

And what is the difference between an owl and an owl? That's right, nothing! Both birds are representatives of the family of real owls and are night hunters. Owl - this is the same owl, only much larger and with short, but stiff feathers in the area of ​​the auditory holes. For example, an ordinary eagle owl is the largest owl that occurs in forests, mountains and steppes. It lives throughout Russia. It feeds both small rodents - mice, and large - rabbits. Sometimes predators such as ermines, caresses, sables and martens became victims, and some eyewitnesses assure that they saw an owl attacking foxes, young mountain goats and roe deer!

What is the difference between an owl and an owl
Night Hunters Number One

After we answered the question "What is the owldiffers from an owl? ", it will not be out of place to find out why these birds do not sleep at night. The fact is that with the onset of darkness their hunting life begins. In the afternoon they are half asleep, but even the most insignificant noise can wake them up. The owls shout quite peculiarly. Lunar nights, they make sounds more often than usual, and during the mating period they do not stop at all throughout the night. Their screams are carried throughout the forest. Owl and owl have a well-developed hearing, which is their main help in hunting.

owl and owl

And yet: how does the owl differ from the eagle owl?

If deep in this "digging", then a couplesmall, but still differences can be found. First, look at the Latin words for the words "owl" and "owl": in Latin these birds are called "noctuam" and "bubo". Secondly, owls are usually considered a symbol of wisdom, while owls are a symbol of vigilance. It is interesting that zoologists themselves from time to time make "castling" between these species of birds - an owl can become an owl and vice versa. As a bonus, the third difference: no other owl, except the eagle owl, causes general hatred from other birds, which now and then scoff at him. Apparently, the banal question "What is the difference between an owl and an owl?" Is only one no less banal answer - in letters.

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