Probably, each of us had in the eveningObserve the large and nasty mosquito that has flown into the house or apartment. Phew, how I hate them! But that's not the point. Do you know what big mosquitoes are called? So I did not know for a long time until I rummaged through the literature. Of course, this is not God's news, but it will not be out of the question. So, let's go!

as large mosquitoes are called

What are the names of large mosquitoes?

In general, their common name -"the long-legged". However, my inquisitiveness and the desire for knowledge helped me to find out more about these insects. For example, I learned that the mosquito is a big name "dlinopodka" received by the people. In science, such creatures are called "derguns." But this did not stop me! It became vitally interesting for me to find out why they were so baptized.

What are the names of big mosquitoes: mystery name

Everything turned out to be even simpler than I thought. The fact is that these insects, when they sit on some surface, pull out their front legs, and die for an indefinite time. However, in this pose there is something that gave them such a name. They constantly twitch their front paws! That's where this uncomplicated name came from!

Life of mosquitoes-derguns

Usually we see one or two derguns,flying around our house. In the wild, it's whole congestions, whole swarms! In quiet summer evenings, they just poke in the warm air. For them, this is the most suitable habitat. Interestingly, in such large clusters are almost single males.

a large mosquito is called

For animals and humans, the derguns are absolutely harmless. They do not know how to bite. Rather, on the contrary, they are very helpful to a person in one very interesting matter ... What? Read my article next!


Everyone knows that you can fish for breadcrumb, on a worm, on wax and on bloodworms. This is the last bait that interests us. What is a bloodworm? It sounds silly, but before that I thought that the bloodworm is a dried butterfly moth! But no! This is the larva of our "culprit of triumph"! They multiply by the masses and serve as the most favorite food of many freshwater fish. If at home you have an aquarium with fish, then you know that those same red worms, used as fish food, this is the larva, which is laid by a large mosquito. What is the name of such an action? Of course, the reproduction of masonry! About this - further.



Mosquitoes-derguns (or long-legged) multiplylaying their eggs in the water. Externally, the latter resemble gelatinous transparent beads or oblong sausages. After a while, larvae appear, subsequently acquiring a green or red color. Pupation occurs at the bottom of the reservoir in special silt tubules. Soon the time comes to hatch. The pupa's body begins to overflow with air, quickly pushed to the surface of the water. There its covers begin to burst, and the winged insect is released!

Friends, now we know how big mosquitoes are called, why they were dubbed, how they multiply and what way of life they lead. I hope my article was useful to you. Good luck to you!

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