Let's start our story about womenBalzac's age with the heroine of Balzac's novel "The Thirty Year Old Woman." She is a confident woman with established moral principles, views on many problems and situations, able to think more or less objectively, because of her age. The action took place in the nineteenth century, and therefore, then thirty years - this was the age when women reach the peak of their essence. This novel was the beginning of the term "Balzac's age".

According to Balzac, this is the most beautiful agefor every woman. She is no longer a girl, she already has her own ideas about the world that surrounds her, and not "claps" her eyes with surprise, not understanding the complexity and essence of the surrounding reality. However, the Balzac age is not yet the age when a woman begins to wither and get tired of the world.

Balzacian woman

Now the situation has radically changed. We can not call a thirty-year-old woman mature enough. Yes, she already understands much, but only just begins to live. Many women at this age only get married and have children.

Balzac had in mind not specifically age, but his state of mind. Now women reach a state of mind, which is close to the Balzac definition, only after 40 years.

The heroine of the film "Moscow does not believe in tears"argued that after 40 years, life is just beginning. This is really true, because after 40 a woman who stuffed the bumps of life experience no longer wants to know everything in the world, but begins to live in the direction that she chose for herself.

She acquires spiritual harmony, conquers heightschosen career, since it is already distinguished by a special judiciousness. In addition, and love, which occurs in forty years, can hardly be more acute than at a young age. Marriages concluded in maturity are considered to be more robust, as the spouses are already certain of their feelings and know what they want from each other.

Balzacian age

Oh, how beautiful a woman is at this time! It comes from a special light, a special charm that can attract any man. The main thing is to be able to properly take care of yourself when the Balzac age comes.

There should be no problems with sleep, noespecially stressful situations, that is, a woman must protect herself in order to prolong her beauty for a long time. A Balzacian woman should, as never before, be vigilant about her way of life. In addition, you should use special masks, give proper time to sports, proper nutrition.

Balzac's age at the woman is that time,when it is already worth thinking about a new style in clothes. Do not wear flashy, provocative outfits that will visually turn you into a maid of easy virtue. Many ladies make the mistake of purposely attracting attention with the help of such clothes, thinking that in this way they will look younger. Balzac's age requires due respect. Wear clothes for fashion and figure. Delicate light colors or practical dark colors will make you even more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of men. However, some bold decisions, such as a dress of leopard coloring, will be relevant at any age.

Balzac's age is

The main thing - never lose the taste for life! Look at the world simply, find the perfect moments. After all, the Balzac age is the most remarkable in the life of every woman!

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