The school curriculum includes tasks in whichit is necessary to write an essay "What is justice". Regardless of the age of students, an understanding of honesty and a fair attitude is inherent in everyone. Both young children and high school students can even describe the word "justice" in their own words. The writing can be written both about certain specific events, and in the form of free reasoning. The task of parents and teachers is to tell the students how to properly express their thoughts in order to get a high score for the work done.

essay what is justice

How to draw up a plan for writing

To the essay "What is justice" waswritten perfectly, it is necessary to compile a plan for the child's presentation of thoughts. It's not difficult: just take into account the basic requirements for such tasks. The plan can be as follows:

  1. The introductory part of the composition. Here you need to talk about what justice is, what this definition is inherent in life.
  2. In the main part it is necessary to describe, encounteredwhether the child with events in which he was wrong. At this point, you need to describe in detail your experiences and clearly state the idea of ​​an understanding of justice.
  3. In conclusion, it should be pointed out that it is necessary to make sure that justice is always on the side of the one who is right.

Such a plan will help the child in the right order to present his thoughts and get a good evaluation for their efforts.

The essay "What is justice" for the younger grades

The smallest children can perfectly distinguish truth from untruth, so writing an essay about justice will not be difficult. As an example, you can show the children the following version of the composition:

"I love when everything in life is right." Sometimes the lack of justice makes me very sad, so I really want everything to be honest.

Once I came across a terrible attitude towards myself. I independently learned the subject and wrote the assignment well. One of my classmates copied everything word for word from my notebook. After checking, the teacher handed out the notebooks, and I saw in my bad evaluation. Near the mark it was written that I copied the work of someone who actually wrote off from me. Disappointment was not the limit, and I just did not know how to prove my point. The most interesting thing is that the boy who copied me received a good rating. This was a real injustice.

I would like to deal with such situations less often. It's very painful and hurt when this happens. "

justice essay

Such an essay is full of sincerity and is based onreal events. It is these works worthy of high marks. After all, the main goal of such a creative task is to convey their own experiences and correctly express them in the text.

"What is justice?" - essay-reasoning for high school students

Pupils older than fifth grade can write morecomplex work using complex turns and sayings. The essay "What is justice" for high school students can be as follows:

"In life, every person sometimesdifferent situations. Quite often there are events in which a person is treated unfairly without a good reason. The most important thing is to react correctly and be able to prove your rightness.

There are many actions in which you canexplain a fair or unfair treatment of a person. I have a concrete example, when a man was treated differently than he deserved. My father has been working in the same company for ten years. He gets a little, but enough for life. Once the place of the chief of the department in which my father works is vacated. He was completely sure that he would be given this position. Nevertheless, no one knows where suddenly a newcomer appeared in the company and took a vacant place. It was very unfair to my dad.

Situations can be different, most importantly - it is worthy to be able to take any attitude towards yourself. After all, how many people, so many opinions. Let justice prevail. "

what is justice writing essay

Senior students understand perfectly what isjustice. The composition will be written easily and without difficulty. You just need to clearly state your thoughts and understand what the teacher wants to see in this assignment.

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