In one of the American books onself-improvement it is written that to maintain mental performance a person must do three things every day - read, write and count. In our culture, for some reason, special attention is paid to reading, forgetting about writing your own texts and an account. Why do we need mathematics in the lives of people who are not professionally associated with it?

Money money money

why do you need math

The most obvious reason not to ignore the lessonsarithmetic in school - the need to maintain a personal budget. This applies to every person who earns money himself and buys himself food and basic necessities. Should I put this or that product in the basket? Will not I get to the cash register in an embarrassing situation due to the fact that there is not enough money? Is it worth taking one product or another taking into account what I have already put in my basket? As you can see, mathematics is very necessary every day.

Banks can deceive

why do we need mathematics in life

But there are also loans! A person who does not know mathematics is very easy to deceive employees of the bank's credit departments. You see the words "profitable interest", rejoice at the opportunity right now to get what you want, and then it turns out that you overpay for the goods in half or two. And all because you are not used to count. Why do you need math? To not work for a bank and do not believe advertising that deceives people.

How much does it cost?

You came to the market where the products are sold atweight, and wonder why people need mathematics? It is better to repeat the arithmetic section devoted to decimals. It is useful to you. Without elementary knowledge, even a calculator will not help you. You can be deceived by a fairly large amount, even if the seller's scales do not lie. In the CIS countries, sellers and buyers are oriented to kilograms as a unit of mass. Therefore, you need to multiply the mass in kg (where grams are thousandths) by the price - and you will get the real cost of the purchase. Just remember that you will also try to sell the packages. So be sure not to be deceived by surrender. Do not be ashamed to look greedy, ashamed to be deceived.

To people of creative professions

why do people need math

Why do you need mathematics for a journalist, composer,writer? According to Lomonosov, she teaches a person to think clearly, clearly, analytically, changing your mind and consciousness. You will be more critical about life and express your thoughts clearly, consistently. It is important for the journalist to write clearly, to the composer to feel harmony (and harmony is described by mathematics), the writer - not to be confused with the characters. All these skills require at least a minimal mastery of exact science.

Languages ​​and mathematics

If you want to study abroad, mathematicswill be a necessary exam, along with the language. However, linguistic sciences are best given to those who were not afraid of mathematics at school, especially English - this is one of the most logical languages. Why do you need math? To be smarter, more critical, more intelligent. If a person understands this discipline well, he is usually considered very intelligent. Even if he has little knowledge.

In order to understand well the exact sciences, they must be dealt with daily. Start with at least five simple examples or tasks per day. You will soon feel more confident.

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