Phraseological units in our time have a greatpopularity. They are used in speech to make speech seem more lively, bright and interesting. Scientists have noticed that people-intellectuals and really well-read people often use phraseological units, than others. They are much more interesting to listen to.

The development of speech and oratory is very fashionable in ourtime. During the lessons of oratory they teach different idioms and phraseological units. In this article, we will analyze the popular phraseology "sweep the tracks". The meaning of phraseology is found later in this article.

To sweep traces of the meaning of phraseology

Types of phraseology

To begin with it is worth to find out what types and typesphraseological units exist. Two main groups stand out: they are stable conversational expressions (including colloquial ones), as well as book ones (literary ones). The expression "sweeping traces" is used both in speech and in literature. But the phraseology is not just vernacular.

The meaning of phraseology

Expression, the meaning of which is nota lot of work, is a phraseology "to cover up tracks". The meaning of phraseology is that someone wants to get rid of unwanted information or objects.

To memorize a stable phrase, you need togive an example. If a child does not allow a child to eat a candy, and he ate it and does not want his parents to find out about it, he tries to somehow hide this fact. Therefore, the child hid candy wrappers. Here you can apply the phrase "cover tracks". The meaning of phraseology is not difficult to understand, even if you have never encountered it.

Expression is widely used in the literature andconversations. Similar idioms can be found in foreign languages. The expression allows to use it in many situations, since it has a clear meaning for everyone, and its use does not distort the speech in any way.

Synonyms for phraseology "cover up traces"

Phraseology has many synonymousphrases and phrases: into the bushes, hide the ends in the water, hide, hide, etc. It is also necessary to remember that the main sign of all phraseological units is that to each expression you can choose a synonymous expression or a word-synonym.

To add traces of the meaning of phraseology


In conclusion, it should be noted that knowledge of the meaning of phraseological units is very important, since they are often found in literary works and speeches.

The expression "sweep marks" is very common. The meaning of phraseology is quite simple.

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