Composition-reasoning "What is love?"They are asked to write often, both in schools and in universities.This is an eternal theme, and almost every person will find what to say about it, even so - absolutely everyone, regardless of whether a person believes in this feeling or not, thoughts will always be, but they must be able to correctly state.

essay reasoning what is love

Genre features

It is worth noting that reasoning, even as a type of speechhas fundamental differences from all the usual narrative or description. These directions are good if it is necessary to reflect the reality around us - to describe what is happening, to depict the landscape, etc. Reasoning is something else. Its main feature is to convey the sequence of the author's thoughts.

The main task of the person writingcomposition-reasoning "What is love?", is to justify a certain thesis, put forward by him. It is necessary not just to state your thoughts on this matter, but also to argue them and try to convince the reader of their correctness. And, of course, to clarify the essence of what was said.

what is true love writing

Questions in the text

Composition-reasoning "What is love?"Like other texts of this genre, it is supposed to ask questions and give answers to them.Why? What is the reason for the situation or phenomenon under consideration? And what exactly does it follow? Maybe there will be some consequences? And if yes - what are they Do not get too involved - if they are too many, then this can wear out the reader, and besides, the author often gets carried away and forgets about the main topic, but one or two sharp, grasping questions for the soul do not interfere - they will make the text fresh, interesting and close to each of us.

By the way, asking a question in the composition, you can evento address the reader directly and write something like this: "How often do you happen to such a situation - do you fall in love with a person, and then break your head over what he so attracted your attention?" The author can be without a clue who will be his audience. However, the reader, seeing this phrase, automatically tries it on himself. After that, he seems to feel part of this essay - especially if the author managed to ask a life question. But to achieve this effect, you need to think carefully about what kind of question you can ask.

what is true love writing


Composition-reasoning "What is love?"Like any other essay, it has its own structure: it usually consists of two interconnected parts: the first is usually indicated by a thesis or some conclusion, the second justifies what has been said.If the topic sounds like" What is true love? " , the essay can be started immediately with an answer.Of course, the author must state what he thinks about it.This can be a bold statement like: "Many people think about what true love is. However, very few people think - is there anyway? Suddenly all feelings are an illusion? Why do most of us from the beginning think that there is love? "By the way, this is the beginning of what was said before - the use of questions .It is worth noting that this is just an introduction, but this kind of beginning captivates the reader.

And in the second part is already possible in more detailto consider these questions, the answers to them, to argue, to prove, to give examples. This is the whole working process of composition-reasoning.

what is love short writing

Logic and evidence or emotions and feelings

The theme "What is true love", an essay onwhich is written quite often - very delicate and even intimate. The fact is that the genre of the essay is so. The writing is the thoughts and feelings of the author. What he thinks, what he thinks about, as he thinks. And on such a difficult topic not everyone can calmly speak. Some are shy of their thoughts, others simply do not want to share their own experiences, the rest do not get to "align" them with the text format. Some completely give themselves to emotions and as a result, a continuous artistic splash of feelings on paper, others can not depart from the official format of the presentation. There are a lot of difficulties here.

However, still, many people have to piss about,What is love. The composition (short or detailed) can be obtained from everyone, you just need to concentrate. Not at work, but on yourself. To moderate your fervor or vice versa - to try to feel the theme. In any case, it is worth learning to reason - this is useful in life.

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