Write about a friend writing more often inprimary and secondary schools. Although sometimes older students work on it, however, the demands on them are raised by others, higher. But how is it necessary to write an essay about a friend? How should it be? What specifically describe? This should be discussed in order to better orientate in this matter and to cope with the task more quickly.

writing about a friend

the main idea

The writing about a friend must have a certaintarget. It is necessary to treat this work not as an ordinary school task. It should be designated only for themselves this goal. For example, tell about a loved one and about what makes him so special. About what distinguishes him from the rest. Or maybe he has a bright and memorable appearance? This can also be a topic. It's a good idea to write about acquaintance with this friend - it also happens to be interesting. In general, the theme is one, but everyone can develop it in their own way. This is the peculiarity of such work as writing about a friend.

 an essay on the subject of friends

Description or reasoning?

Of course, in this case it is best to givepreference for description. After all, the composition on the theme "My friend" - this is by definition a work of "portrait" nature. Do not hesitate to detail - they will greatly adorn an essay of this kind. You should remember as much detail as possible - eye color, unusual iris pattern, birthmark, hair, face shape, cheekbones, etc. Of course, adults pay more attention to such trifles, but in what direction it is necessary to work - clearly. Character is also worth describing in detail. Good, kind, ready to support - it's all so clear. It will be better if you approach this issue creatively. After all, every person knows that friends are good, kind people who are ready to support. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to something unique, something that will be interesting to know to other people that it is unlikely to meet in the character of another person.

Thus, combining the description of appearance andcharacter, you can recreate the image of a person, which was discussed on paper. The most important thing is to try to do it so that the reader has a correct image in the subconscious. To do this, you have to work hard to find the "right" words.

composition on the theme my friend

Plan and structure

Of course, the composition on the theme "Friends" has its owna certain structure. In principle, this work looks like other essays. There should be an introduction, the main part and a capacious conclusion. Schoolchildren, who have written the essay more than once, are familiar with this structure. The introduction should be small, but specific, indicating the topic. In the main part, it is necessary to state all your thoughts, combining them correctly into logical sentences, related to each other in meaning. And, finally, the completion. It usually sums up everything that was mentioned in the previous paragraphs. How to draw a line. In general, there is nothing complicated in this, the main thing is not to rush into writing. And best of all - sketch a small plan of what you want to write about. It's definitely impossible to forget your thoughts, and even work on composition will be much easier and, most importantly, faster.

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