Students are often asked to write essays at homeby the pictures. This is a creative task, so everyone can express themselves in such a task. Composition on the painting by Krymov "Winter Evening" will help to plunge into the inner world of the child and understand his worldview. This is very important, because sometimes it's hard to say what's on your mind. And the semantic fullness of the creative work will certainly reveal the experiences and state of the son or daughter.

composition on the painting of the Crimean winter evening

How to write an essay on the painting by Krymov "Winter Evening"

There are no specific requirements for writing essays. After all, this is a creative task, which means that all the templates can be considered a formality. The most important thing is that all thoughts should be presented in the right order and fully convey the essence of the work of art.

 painting of a Crimean winter evening composition

It is important to tell all the details of the image. Only in this case, the composition of the painting by Krymov "Winter Evening" will be worthy of high praise. But this is exactly the result expected by the students and their parents.

A detailed work on the painting by Krymov "Winter Evening" according to the plan

To make it easier for a child to write an essay,He should be told how to express thoughts in turn. For this it is necessary to draw up a plan, starting from which a son or daughter will be able to write a good creative task. The sequence of writing should be something like this:

  • A short introduction. At this point, you need to write concisely but meaningfully about the artist's work. Tell about the genre of the picture, which the author wanted to tell, applying a brush drawing on the canvas.
  • Main part. This is the largest section of the work. In it it is necessary to tell in detail what the picture of Krymov "Winter Evening" conveys. The composition must be developed and saturated with various speech streams. First of all, it is necessary to tell about what general feeling is created when you see the work. Then we need to describe what is depicted in the foreground of the artistic creation. Next, you need to describe in detail what is visible in the background of the picture.
  • Conclusion. Complete the composition of the painting by Krymov "Winter Evening" is necessary to generalize the description written in the previous paragraphs. In this part it is necessary to tell what emotions arose at the sight of a work of art. Did the author receive a mood and created a feeling of complete presence at the sight of the image.

krymov winter evening painting composition

Such a plan is the most optimal for writingcreative task, which describes the picture of Krymov "Winter Evening." The composition, composed in the right order, will help to get an excellent mark for the task.

Composition for the picture for high school students

To understand how a ready creative task should look like, one can take note of the following variant:


The author in the right perspective conveyed his emotions,pouring them onto the canvas. Krymov's painting "Winter Evening" conveys the mood of the winter holiday and inspiration. The artist perfectly displayed the atmosphere of the cold season, conveying creative talents in the right colors.

Looking at the picture, I immediately saw that the winter onit shows the real one. Thick snowdrifts cover everything around. From under the fluffy snow, scarcely visible grass is visible. In the foreground, you can also see that the birds have settled near the bushes and are waiting for the locals to treat them with something.

In the background there are densely covered with snow houses. Looking at the trampled paths, you can understand that there is a lot of snow, because the paths are deep enough. Sunset fills the picture with special colors. In the distance you can see how people go to their homes to hide from the frost. As well as harnessed horses with brushwood in wagons approaching the village.

In this picture everything smells of winter, freshness and frosty air. It seems as if I am in this amazing and spiritual place.

This description of the picture is quite suitable for high school students.

Description of the picture for high school students

Children of the upper grades can write a deeper and more detailed work. For example:


Krymov, "Winter Evening" - a picture, an essay onwhich it is not difficult to write at all. Looking at this wonderful work of art, as if immersed in the atmosphere of winter weather, despite what the weather is outside the window. The author in colors and details conveyed the mood and thoughts.

It is immediately understandable that the author made the main accent on the snow. The whole picture is shrouded in white snowdrifts. It is not surprising, because it is this factor that describes the real Russian winter.

In the foreground are barely peeping out from undersnow bushes. The birds sit in a row and watch people go home. In the background, several horses with brushwood in wagons are moving along the profoundly trampled paths towards the village. Also adults and children go to their homes.

When you look at the picture it seems as if I inhale the frosty air and knee down to the snowdrifts knee-deep.

composition on the picture of the Crimean winter evening according to plan

How to properly place accents when describing a painting

To describe the picture was complete and detailed,should focus on the main illustration of the plot of the work. Also it is necessary to describe in detail every corner of the author's creative work. The more accents there are on the little things, the more interesting and fascinating the story will be.

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