Russia is the biggest country in the world

What is the largest country in the world? Russia is the biggest country in the world. If we talk about the extreme points of the territory of the Russian Federation, they are located as follows:

- the westernmost point is on the Balticspit, located near Kaliningrad. This spit is divided by the border between Poland and the Russian Federation. The southern part belongs to Poland, and the northern part belongs to Russia. This is the extreme point in the West;

- Cape Chelyuskin - the northern extreme mainlandpoint of Russia and Eurasia, located on the Taimyr Peninsula. Named after the navigator of the northern expedition, SI. Chelyuskin, who first discovered this cape in 1742 and put it on the map;

which is the largest country in the world

- Bazarduzu mountain is the southernmost point, located in fact 3 kilometers from one of the peaks of the main mountain range of the Caucasus Mountains, at a height of 4,466 meters, on the border of the Russian Federation and Azerbaijan;

- Cape Dezhnev - the extreme point of the easternthe continental part of Eurasia and Russia. It is located on the shore of the Bering Strait, on the peninsula of Chukotka. The cape was named in 1879 in honor of the Russian navigator and traveler Semyon Ivanovich Dezhnev, who for the first time rounded this cape in 1648;

- the most extreme point in the East - is ina few kilometers from the Bering Strait, where several Diomede islands are located. One of them is the Ratmanov Island, which belongs to the Russian Federation. In good weather, the island of Kruzenshtern, located in 4 km to the east, can be seen from it, referring to the USA. Ratmanov Island is considered to be the last point of the East.

the biggest country in the world

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, in the southeastshore of Lake Vivi is the center of Russia, called the geographical one. At this place there is a stele 7 m high, on top of which there is a two-headed eagle and an eight-meter cross in memory of Sergius of Radonezh.

Russia, as the largest country in the world, is divided into several time zones, namely, 9.

The boundaries of the time zones (belts) correspond to the boundaries of the subjects of the Russian Federation. The largest country in the world includes 83 subjects.

summer time

Great Britain in 1908 to save moneyenergy resources "came up" and introduced summer time - the hands of the clock moved for 1 hour ahead. Many other countries adopted the same procedure. In Russia and Europe this time is called "summer", and in the US - "ahead".

In 1917 in Russia was introduced by the ProvisionalThe government, so-called maternity time. Later, until 1930, he was annually set by his decrees by the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR. In 1930, the next decree, summer time was not canceled and lasted for the winter. Since then, the country lived on time, 1 hour ahead of the waist.

In April 1981, the Council of Ministers of the USSR againit was set summer time, but now 1 hour was added not to the maternal, but to the time. The clock was translated to summer time on the last Sunday in March, and on the last Sunday of September - back to winter time. In 1996, the Economic Commission for Europe recommended that Russia move to winter time in October (last Sunday). Accordingly, in the autumn and winter, Russian time outstripped the waist one hour, and in spring and summer - for two hours. The same procedure operates in Belgium, the Netherlands, France.

Since August 2011, by order of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and with the approval of the State Duma, the largest country in the world lives in the summer.

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