interesting facts from life in Lomonosov
He improved the telescope, laid the foundationthe theory of continental drift and the science of glass, predicted the existence of Antarctica and the atmosphere of Venus and created the best Russian university. Lomonosov is one of those outstanding people who are rightly called encyclopaedists. He left his mark in dozens of areas of human knowledge. Truly - this is the "Russian everything". The fate of the scientist is amazing, and Lomonosov's activity is multifaceted. However, at times he is "too far from the people", so they like to make any information boring, academically emasculated. Let's try to write your own short biography of the hero, woven from events that are little known to the general public.

Lomonosov. Interesting facts from life: birth

  • Mikhail Vasilyevich was born on November 19, 1711. On the same day, in different years, the prominent Indian politician Indira Gandhi, the brilliant Cuban chess player, the world champion, Jose Raul Capablanca, the famous designer of clothes Calvin Klein, the twice Oscar-winning American Jodie Foster and hundreds of other famous people were born in different years. Day, apparently, this.
  • Sinyishka Mikhail was the only child in the family of a 30-year-old Pomor and daughter of a deacon.
  • At the home of the scientist, in the village of Lomonosovo in the Arkhangelsk region, today there are about 160 people. The settlement has not become famous in history.

Lomonosov. Interesting facts from life: childhood and youth

  • Lomonosov facts
    Misha was 9 years old when he was left without a mother. The father married again, but after 3 years the second wife also passed away. Pomor brings the third companion of life to the house, which is very similar to the evil stepmother of folk tales - she does not like the 13-year-old stepson.
  • "The second mother" constantly took from Michael books, was angry with his craving for knowledge.
  • In contrast to Mitrofanushka from "Incomplete", Lomonosov did not want to get married: after learning that his father had found his wife, the future scientist had a sick man.
  • At the age of 19 he secretly fled from home to Moscow. The trip on the fish train took 3 weeks.

Lomonosov. Interesting facts from life: education

  • In the first higher education institution in Russia - the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy - the future encyclopedist acted on forged documents - he pretended to be a nobleman.
  • Scholarship of Lomonosov was 3 kopecks a day. With this money, you could buy about 1.5 kilograms of meat or about 4 kilograms of bread. Money was not enough, so Mikhail, like many current students, was forced to work part-time.
  • Lomonosov did not ask for money from his father. But one of the fellow countrymen who came every year with fish to the capital, lent him money. Subsequently, before leaving for abroad, Lomonosov returned the necessary amount to the creditor.
  • Mikhail Vasilievich studied for 4 years in Moscow, for 1 year - in Kiev, Petersburg and Holland, 4 years in Germany.

Lomonosov. Interesting facts from life: family
activity of the Lomonosov

  • The scientist had one wife, daughter of Germanbrewer. When Lomonosov left Germany for Petersburg, he "forgot" about it for two years. The spouse had to look for the fugitive through the Russian embassy. Chemist did not deny the fact of marriage and helped his wife move to Russia.
  • According to different sources, the Lomonosovs died two or three young children. Only one daughter survived, Elena.

Unknown Lomonosov: facts from life

  • During the study of atmospheric phenomena from ball lightning, a scientist's assistant, Georg Richter, died.
  • Lomonosov was very strong physically, liked to fight and once for a drunken debauch briefly ended up in jail.
  • The words "atom", "molecule", "temperature" are introduced into use by them.

These are just a few interesting facts from the life of the famous scientist, but they also give an idea of ​​his character and habits.

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