Have your hair faded and lost volume? Do they split and fall out? Are you in terror looking for a tool that will help you regain your health of hair? Of course, in our time there are many different cosmetic products that can overcome these problems. But, as a rule, they operate from the outside, and your hair needs help from the inside. The best way out in this situation is to undergo a course of treatment with vitamins and minerals. But how do you know what vitamins your locks need, and how well the nutrients will be absorbed by your body? Exit in this case is! This is the application of the new series of products from the company "Evalar", which is called "Expert Hair". Reviews about this product have already appeared. Grateful women express their gratitude to the firm.

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A little about the company "Evalar"

The quality of products "Evalar" can be trusted, becausethis company exists on the market since 1991. At present, it is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia. The priority activity of the company is the production of dietary supplements and medicines of natural origin. Products "Evalar" is invariably replenished with new species. So, novelties - tablets and lotion "Expert Hair", reviews about which have flooded all kinds of sources of information, have found recognition among many women. It is also worth noting that all the natural ingredients necessary for the production of this company are grown and thoroughly checked by her, so doubts about the origin of raw materials for the production of medications can be thrown aside.

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Tablets of a new series

expert hair expert reviews
Recently in pharmacies appeared tablets from the fallouthair from the company "Evalar" - "Expert hair." Reviews for this tool are mostly positive. The action of tablets is due to the constituent substances: B vitamins, various enzymes and amino acids, horsetail grass, reinforced with cystine, taurine and zinc. I will dwell in detail on each component:

  • Horsetail is a source of silicon, it serves to form new collagen cells;
  • amino acids cystine and taurine prevent hair loss, make them supple and elastic;
  • Zinc is needed for the rapid growth of new hairs.

Take the pill twice a day, one piece before eating. The duration of the course is 3 months.

Lotion Expert hair

In order for your hair to stop falling out, andthe growth of new hairs has increased many times, it is recommended to use lotion "Expert Hair" along with tablets. Reviews of women about him are also mostly positive. It consists of the same components as in the composition of tablets. If the tablets heal your locks from the inside, then the lotion makes them healthy and sturdy outside. It is applied to the scalp. At the same time, hair loss is dramatically reduced, and the formation of new hair bulbs is actively stimulated, the volume of the hairdo increases and its appearance improves. The time of application of the lotion should be at least 2 months.

We got acquainted with new products from the company"Evalar" - "Expert Hair". Comments of women who have already tried these remedies against hair loss, note their high efficiency. What is particularly pleasing in this famous company is all products of natural origin. Such hair products help make them not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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