In the modern world, when communication is actively pursuedvia the Internet, the presence of a webcam on a laptop is a common matter. Most modern models of mobile computers, phones, monoblocks are equipped with cameras that allow you to add comfort to communication in the worldwide network. But some users have a reasonable question: "How to configure the camera on a laptop?".

how to set up a camera on a laptop
Yes, often this device needs tuning. The webcam has various problems. For example, your interlocutor sees an inverted image. There are cases when the camera is not detected by the laptop. How to be? In this article we will try to answer the question: "How to configure the camera on a laptop?"

The most common cause of the problem -lack of correct drivers. It happens that the user reinstalled the operating system for one reason or another (within the framework of this article we will talk about the operating systems of the Windows family), and there is simply no driver disk that is necessary for the normal operation of the web camera. What to do in this case, because the question of how to configure the camera on the laptop remains unanswered. Finding the right driver is what makes an ordinary user difficult.

how to find webcam on laptop
To get an exhaustive answer to the question: "How to find a web camera on a laptop", you need to determine the model of this device.

Some laptops are marked near the eyecameras, and some store information inside the operating system. If "by eye" you could not determine the model, you will have to look for this information in the device manager. in order to enter this application, you need to open the control panel, then select the appropriate item. Before you open the tree devices that are installed on your laptop. In this list, find the web camera (on undefined system devices of this type is usually written - "image processing device"), right click the mouse, select the properties. Then go to the "information" tab. In the "Value" field you can find information about the camera model. For you the main thing is that when deciding how to configure the camera on a laptop, you need to define two values: VID and PID. They can be used safely in the search for the necessary drivers.

If this is not the way to determine the model of the camera, then use a third-party software, such as Everest.

After you have decided on the web modelcamera, it's time to find drivers. They are usually downloaded from the official websites of camera manufacturers. But if you have search engines (Google or Yandex), finding drivers will be easy.

install web camera
Before you will be a software distributionsecurity. In the same device manager, in the properties of the camera, but already on the "driver" tab, you should select "update". In the opened window, select the search for drivers on the computer and specify the folder where the downloaded drivers are located. After this, an automatic installation of the necessary software will occur, which will allow you to install the web camera on your laptop.

Those computer models that are not equippedbuilt-in web camera, they can install a third-party device. The setup and installation is the same as described above. I hope that this article answered your question: "How to set up the camera on a laptop".

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