There are many ways to train yourskills in games. The company Valve, developed the online shooter CS: GO, for this purpose introduced a special team that allows to open the location of enemies and see them through the walls.

Ban or not?

But first things first. The main question that worries the players who want to know how to include in the "CS: GO" VX - about whether they will receive a fine for it and a permanent VAC-ban, from which it is impossible to get out?

Indeed, the mechanics built in the game BXstrongly resembles custom cheats, allowing to see through the walls. However, it should be remembered that this feature was built in by the developers themselves, and therefore, there is no penalty for its use.

how to include in all xs


Before you include in "COP:GO "BH, make sure that you have the following condition: The game should be created exclusively by you.Who you play with bots or with friends, it's not so important, the main thing is that your host is your computer.

If you want to know how to include in "COP:GO "on public servers, then you can safely quit this venture, they are not connected to console commands and do not work.

Also it is necessary to take into account some featuresteam work. For example, if the enemy disappears in the smoke from the checker, then it will not be displayed even with BX. In addition, there is the concept of the range of the survey, limited by a certain radius. If the target retires a distance greater than this value, then BX will not help you see it.

ks how to turn on the input via the console


So, warm, when we finally figured out all the nuances, it's time to learn how to include in the "COP: GO" BX.

  1. First you need to activate the console. To do this, start the application. Then in the top drop-down menu, select "Settings" - "Game Options". In the fourth line on top of the "Enable Developer Console" option, set it to "yes".
  2. Now you can go to the game itself and how toto include in "COP: GO" BX. Immediately after you create the lobby, open the console and enter the command sv_cheats 1. It is important to do this before you have at least one friend connected to it, otherwise the command will not work.
  3. Now you can start the session. Set up bots or wait for friends. In the match itself, you can now use the following command: r_drawothermodels 2. So you instantly turn on the BX. To cancel it, enter the command again, only with the parameter "1".

Now you know the necessary commands in "CS: GO", how to turn on the VX through the console, and all the nuances associated with them. We hope you find our advice useful.

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