After reading the article, you will learn about the concept of RAM and what you need to use for its quick cleaning.

The concept of RAM

RAM is an integral partany computer or smartphone. The larger the amount of RAM, the faster and more multitasking the device will be. The RAM of each smartphone has its own volume. In the "Android" operating system, all running processes and applications are displayed in RAM, the user can control them using phone settings or through third-party programs. Effective cleaning of RAM from unwanted processes, which load the CPU, will increase the efficiency of the phone and speed up the execution of tasks.

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The smartphone has less operationalmemory, rather than modern computers. When choosing a smartphone, be sure to pay attention to the amount of RAM. The optimal volume, which will allow you to sit on the Internet, watch videos and play games, is about 1-2 gigabytes. A phone with a good amount of RAM more quickly copes with the launch of applications and games. About how to clear RAM on "Android" in many ways, we will talk below.

In order to support the smartphone processor innormal state and do not overheat it, it should be as often as possible to clean the RAM from programs that you no longer use. They will not be removed from the phone, but they will not load RAM before the next start.

Why and how to clean the RAM on the "Android"

Each user of any version of the operating roomsystem "Android" has the opportunity without obtaining administrator rights to manage all processes of RAM. You can not install additional utilities, but immediately start cleaning processes. To do this, use the menu item "Settings". Then, in the Applications tab, select the running processes. You will see all currently loaded widgets, programs, utilities and applications. Under each program icon will be shown the amount of space it occupies in the phone's RAM. Click on the unnecessary process and stop it. Thus, the space in the RAM will be freed.

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How to clear RAM on "Android" with the help of third-party programs

Among the huge number of applications for"Android" it is important to be able to choose really effective utilities that will help to free up memory and optimize the operation of the smartphone system. Consider the most popular, efficient and fast applications:

  1. Clean Master. One of the most installed programs in the application market. More than one billion downloads. Millions of positive reviews only once again confirm its effective work in the fight against unwanted elements in RAM. The user, using only a few buttons of the program, can clear all unnecessary cache of the phone, speed up the system by clearing RAM of unnecessary tasks, and cool the processor. If you do not know how to clear RAM on "Android", just use this utility, it is completely free and very easy to use.
  2. Task Manager. Such a program in the background constantly analyzes the state of RAM, without overloading the processor. The high efficiency of the utility is supported by numerous user reviews.
  3. Greenify. How to clear RAM on "Android" with this program is described in great detail in the manual, which is available to the user after installation. The program is completely free.

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Results. Which method was the most effective

In order to quickly clean the phone andspeed up its work, use high-quality third-party applications. In particular, Clean Master and Task Killer. They are the most effective and really work. Now you know how to clean RAM on "Android", and you can do it yourself.

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