Any programs that you use costknow along and across. In fact then it is not necessary to puzzle over questions of management of applications long. For example, some users recently began to think more and more often how to remove from Skype contact once and for all. Let's try to deal with this difficult question. Often, this case is not so easy to turn. Especially if you do not know where to start.

how to remove from contact


Perhaps, it's worth starting with the most difficult decision. The thing is that recently users like to connect social networks with "Skype". And in this situation, getting rid of the contact is much more difficult than from the usual undesirable interlocutor. But the problem is solved in only a few steps.

How to remove contacts from Facebook from Skype? Just unlink accounts from this program and social network from each other. On the main page of the Skype program, click on the blue gear, and then select the "Disconnect from Facebook" option. Confirm your actions. Now all contacts from this social network will not bother you anymore. But this is not the only option that can be advised. How do I remove a Facebook contact from Skype? Or rather, the entire list of users from this social network? There is one more variant of the development of events.

Hide records

For example, you can without any "untying"do without. Just hide the contacts from "Facebook" right in "Skype". And this will help you get rid of unnecessary lines in the program list. But how can you realize the idea?

How to remove from Facebook contacts from Facebook

First, please log in to the program. Once you reach the main page, select the "Contacts" tab in the Skype control panel. A long list of actions will pop up. There, find "Show friends from FaceBook (disable)". If you select this option, all contacts from the social network will be lost in your Skype. But the account will remain tied to the application. Also a good version of the development of events. It is not required in case of anything re-tie the profiles to each other.

From annoying

How to remove from Skype contacts on the tablet orcomputer? Here you can advise several options. The first will give an opportunity to restore communication with a person if desired. And the second finally will save you from any contact with the user.

Let's start, perhaps, with the first one. If you do not want to communicate with someone, you can ask a person to remove you, as well as do it yourself. Go to the program, wait for the list of contacts to load. Now all that is required of you is to choose the "sacrifice". Highlight this contact with the cursor, and then click on the right mouse button. A context menu with actions appears.

How to remove contacts on the tablet from Skype

To answer, how to delete a contact from "Skype"(Windows 8, 7 or even on a tablet or smartphone), just select "Delete". If you click on it, you will receive a message stating that you will remain in the user's contact list. Also, you will be informed that in this case it is always possible to restore communication with a person if desired. Agree with all the above and confirm your actions. That's all the problems are solved. Nothing complicated, right?

Blocking after deletion

However, this does not always help. After all, sometimes users write and write to you. And this is despite the fact that you removed them from your "friends". Then you have to think about some non-standard solutions. How do I remove a contact from Skype so that it does not bother you after you have cleared your friends list? Here it is worth advising only one - to lock the user.

To do this, there is quite an interesting andsimple approach. He is also the second way to get rid of unwanted interlocutors in the program. To implement it, it's enough to search through the search for a person who needs to close access to your profile, then right-click on it, and then select the "Block" option there. Agree with the warning that the program will give you. That's all - the problems are now solved. If you wish, you can always unlock the contact. But if you want to get rid of this person forever, you better not do it.

how to remove contacts from Skype forever

Currently in the list

Contacts permanently deleted from Skypeblocking, if you have not cleared your "friend" yet? In this case, the process goes much faster than you would imagine. How exactly? Let's try to figure this out.

To begin with, as in all past cases,will have to be authorized in the program. Now, when you are in your account, select users who want to close access to communication with you, one by one click on the right mouse button, and then look at the context menu with possible actions. As you might guess, you just need to click on the "Block" option to lock it.

With all this, if you do this, you willa message has been issued warning of the complete prohibition of writing messages to you by one or another user. Agree with this and look at the result. Please note - Contacts blocked, but not deleted, will be marked with a special icon. Now you can simply remove them from your friends list. And you do not need to think about how to remove the contact from Skype. This is done, as you can see, very easy and simple.

Delete profile

Well, sometimes users want to fold andforever get rid of all contacts in your profile. Then you should block your old account and start a new one. To do this, you are authorized to "Skype", delete all information and avatar, statuses and phone numbers. After that, you will not have to visit your account for about 90 days. And after that you can enjoy the result. Your profile along with the entire list of contacts will simply be deleted from the system.

how to remove a contact from skype windows 8

As you can see, there are many options for solving the problem. And you can always choose the approach that seems most attractive to you. Nevertheless, practice shows that if you are thinking how to remove a contact from Skype, once and for all, then it's worth to turn to the user's blocking. This is the most suitable method. Do not have to change your account to a new one, and you will always have the opportunity to restore access to a particular contact.

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