Many people are familiar with the Russian TV series My Fairnanny ", where the main role is played by a black-haired harmonous beauty playing a Mariupol simple-minded person. This is Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Biography, personal life and creative success of the actress for the past few years are under the close attention of the press and television viewers.

anastasia zavorotnyuk biography year of birth

In truth, before the release of the goodhome series about a little crazy nanny, no one knew that in Russian cinema there is such an actress. But the biography of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk could have developed quite differently.

Childhood and youth of the actress

The future star was born in Astrakhan in 1971. It was there, on April 3 in the family of the actress of the Theater of Young Spectators and the television director, little Nastenka appeared. Her mother Valentina Borisovna was a People's Artist of the USSR, so no one would be surprised if the girl immediately followed in the footsteps of creative parents. However, she entered the pedagogical university in her native city, at the Faculty of History. There are rumors that to such a choice of her

biography of anastasia zavorotnyuk
pushed the lover. Contrary to the gossip about the imminent wedding, they did not receive a continuation of their novel. That's where Anastasia Zavorotnyuk's biography could be cut off as an actress: she would graduate from the university and become a historian. But that destiny is destined - from that you will not escape.

The path to acting career

After the first course the girl flew to Moscow - to become an actress. Her father knew only about her intentions. My mother thought that my daughter had gone to the archaeological dig.

From the very first time Anastasia Yurievna enteredMoscow Art Theater and Shchukin School. But she chose the first place of study. In 1993, another actress appeared in the theater of Tabakov. She became a graduate of the Moscow Art Theater School Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Biography (the year of birth of her first film "Mashenka" - 1991), the actress began to replenish performances and small roles in the cinema.

Popularity came to the girl after filming inAlexei Kiryushchenko's series "My Fair Nanny". It was thanks to this ironic and good work that the black-haired beauty got a fantastic opportunity to play with Vincent Perez in the film "Code of the Apocalypse."

Personal life and creative successes

anastasia zavorotnyuk biography personal life
Biography of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk includes stagesLife as a motherland in Russia, so in Germany and the United States. At the same time, even living in America, the actress participated in performances of the beloved theater "Tabakerka". With her first husband "nanny" met exactly there - on one of the skits. The German Olaf Schwarzkopf had Russian roots. He fell in love with a fair-haired brunette at first sight and proposed to her on the fourth day of his acquaintance. So the actress was in Germany. Unable to find comfort and peace, Zavorotnyuk fled back to Moscow, where she met her second husband, Dmitry Stryukov. In this marriage, the couple had two children - the girl Anna and the boy Michael. At that time, the family lived in the US, where Anastasia came to Moscow to take part in the performances.

Then there was the deafening success of "Nanny", and about the theaterhad to forget. Creative biography of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is clearly divided into two periods: theatrical and cinematographic. The turning point was the popular TV series. On his filming, the girl met Sergei Zhigunov - and the family life of Dmitry Stryukov collapsed. The newly-minted couple has already scheduled the date of the wedding. But participation in the television projects "Dancing on Ice", "Ice and Fire" confused all the cards - the actress gets acquainted with Peter Chernyshev and for the third time officially marries.

Films "Moms", "Non-ideal woman", "Office romance: our time", and even the "Code of the Apocalypse" still will not erase from the memory of the spectators the image of the reckless and crazy nanny Vika Prutkovskaya.

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