Who among us did not study at school the work of suchwriter, like Nikolai Semenovich Leskov? "Enchanted Wanderer" (a brief summary, analysis and history of the creation will be discussed in this article) is the most famous work of the writer. It is about him that we will talk further.

History of creation

analysis of an enchanted wanderer

The story was written in 1872 - 1873 gg.

In the summer of 1872, Leskov along Lake Ladogatraveled to Karelia on the islands of Valaam, where the monks lived. On the road, he came up with the idea to write a story about a wanderer. By the end of the year the work was completed and offered for publication. It was called "Black Earth Telemak". However, Leskov was refused publication, as the work seemed to the publishers to be damp.

Then the writer took his creation to the magazine "Russian World", where he was published under the title "Enchanted Wanderer, His Life, Experience, Opinions and Adventures."

Before presenting the analysis of Leskov ("The Enchanted Wanderer"), let us turn to the brief content of the work.

Summary. Acquaintance with the main character

analysis of the charmed wanderer

The scene is Lake Ladoga. There are travelers to the islands of Valaam. From this moment it will be possible to begin the analysis of Leskov's story "The Enchanted Wanderer", since here the writer gets acquainted with the protagonist of the work.

So, one of the travelers, the consul Ivan Severyanich,dressed as an apprentice novice, tells of the fact that since childhood God has given him the wonderful gift of taming horses. Satellites ask the hero to tell Ivan Severyanich about his life.

It is this story that is the beginning of the main narrative, because in its structure Leskov's work is a story in a story.

The main character was born in Orel province infamily courtyard of Count K. Since childhood he was addicted to horses, but once for the sake of laughter he hammered the monk to death. The killed man begins to dream of Ivan Severyanich and says that he is promised to God, and that he will die many times and will never perish until the real death comes and the hero will go to the blackies.

Soon Ivan Severyanich swore with the hosts anddecided to leave, taking his horse and rope. On the way came to him the idea of ​​suicide, but the rope, on which he decided to hang himself, cut the Gypsies. Continuing wanderings of the hero, which lead him to the places where the Tatars drive their horses.

The Tatar captivity

analysis of the story of a fascinated wanderer

The analysis of the story "Enchanted Wanderer" Leskovabriefly gives us an idea of ​​what the hero is. Already from the episode with the monk it is clear that human life he values ​​low. But soon it turns out that the horse is much more valuable to him than any man.

So, the hero gets to the Tatars, who havethe custom to fight for horses: two people sit opposite and beat each other with whips, who will last longer, he also won. Sees Ivan Severyanich a wonderful horse, enters the battle and kills the enemy to the death. Tatars catch him and "bristle" so that he does not run away. The hero serves them, moving crawling.

To the Tatars, two come who, with the help of fireworks, intimidate them with their "fiery god." The protagonist finds things of visitors, scares them off with fireworks of Tatars and heals the feet with a drug.

Position of a Consealer

Ivan Severyanich is alone in the steppe. It shows the strength of the character of the protagonist analysis Leskov ("Enchanted Wanderer"). Alone, Ivan Severyanich manages to get to Astrakhan. From there he is sent to his native city, where he takes care of the horses from the former owner. It spreads about him, hearing as a wizard, as the hero unerringly identifies good horses.

The prince, who takes IvanSeveryanich to himself in konserery. Now the hero chooses horses for the new master. But one day he gets very drunk and in one of the taverns gets acquainted with the gypsy girl Grushenka. It turns out that she is the mistress of the prince.


woodland enchanted wanderer analysis of the work

Leskov's analysis (The Enchanted Wanderer)It is impossible to imagine without an episode of Grushenka's death. It turns out that the prince planned to marry, and sent the unwanted mistress to the bee in the forest. However, the girl escaped from the guards and came to Ivan Severyanich. Grushenka asks him, to whom she sincerely became attached and fell in love, to drown her, because she has no other way out. The hero fulfills the request of the girl, wanting to save her from suffering. He remains alone with a heavy heart and begins to think about death. Soon there is a way out, Ivan Severyanich decides to go to war in order to bring his death nearer.

In this episode, not so much the cruelty of the hero was manifested, but his tendency to a strange charity. After all, he saved Grushenka from suffering, trebling his agony.

However, in war, he does not find death. On the contrary, it is made into officers, rewarded with the Order of St. George and given the resignation.

Returning from the war, Ivan Severyanich findswork in the address table as a supervisor. But the service does not go well, and then the hero goes to the artists. However, our hero could not find a place here either. And not having played a single performance, he leaves the theater, deciding to go to the monastery.


fascinated wanderer

The decision to go to the monastery turns out to be correct, thatconfirms the analysis. "Enchanted Wanderer" Leskov (summarized here) - a work with a pronounced religious theme. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is in the monastery that Ivan Severyanich acquires peace, leaving his spiritual hardships. Although sometimes he sees "demons", but with prayers they manage to drive them away. Though not always. Once in a fit, he killed a cow, which he took for a devil's gun. For this he was imprisoned by the monks in the cellar, where he had the gift of prophecy.

Now Ivan Severyanych goes to Slovakson a pilgrimage to the elders Savvatii and Zosima. Having finished his story, the hero falls into quiet concentration and feels a mysterious spirit that is open only to babies.

Leskov's analysis: "The Enchanted Wanderer"

The value of the protagonist of the work is that he is a typical representative of the people. And in its power and ability reveals the essence of the entire Russian nation.

an analysis of a fascinated wanderer

Interesting, in this respect, is the evolution of the hero, hisspiritual development. If in the beginning we see a reckless and careless dashing guy, then at the end of the narrative we have an experienced monk. But this vast path of self-improvement would not have been possible without the trials that fell to the lot of the hero. They prompted Ivan to self-sacrifice and the desire to atone for his sins.

Such is the hero of the story that Leskov wrote. "Enchanted Wanderer" (the analysis of the work also testifies to this) - the history of the spiritual development of the entire Russian people by the example of one character. Leskov, as it were, confirmed with his work the idea that great heroes will always be born on Russian soil, who are capable not only of exploits, but also of self-sacrifice.

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