biography of Sasha Savelievoy
Biography of Sasha Savelyeva personifies her asthe girl is talented, single-minded and very ambitious. The singer was born on December 25, 1983 in Moscow. Since childhood, had a propensity for music and sports. At the age of three, my mother gave her to a figure skating school led by Irina Moiseeva, one of the best coaches. Teachers saw in Alexander a great potential and predicted the glory of the figure skaters, the champion of competitions and olympiads. So, Sasha Savelyeva. Biography.

Carier start

At the age of 5, Sasha began to study music, she enteredto school and trained in piano and flute. Talents of the young musician conquered the audience. Together with the team she performed at concert venues of the Kremlin, the Palace of Congresses, conservatories, etc.

Sasha Savelieva biography
Biography of Sasha Savelieva demonstrates that inchoosing between music and sports, she preferred the first. After graduating from the folklore department of the music school, she entered the Gnesin School. She combined the studies with singing in the children's ensemble "Kuvichki", then founded her musical group, for which she wrote songs. Gnessin College Sasha graduated with a degree in "Head of the People's Choir", but, despite the fact that she had instilled love for folk music since childhood, she did not associate her future career with ensembles and choirs.

The most interesting part that contains in itselfbiography of Sasha Savelyeva is participation in the TV project "Star Factory". Thanks to this reality show about Alexander learned the whole country. On Channel One she showed herself to the world as a girl intelligent and talented. Due to his ability to keep on stage and sing in different genres, Sasha became a finalist of the project. She took second place. Upon completion of the project, Igor Matvienko suggested that the girls create a group called "Factory." Initially, there were 4 people in the team, but later there were three of them left. Now, together with Sasha in the group, Ira Toneva and Katya Lee sing. During the whole period of work in the group, the girls traveled all over Russia with tours, recorded two albums and released a dozen clips.

Sasha Savelieva biography personal life
Despite the different characters and habits, the girls get on well with each other and coexist comfortably in the same team.

Sasha Savelyeva. Biography: private life

For over a decade, the public has been worried about whomeets and communicates a star. For all the time she worked in show business, she was noticed in a short relationship with Alexei Yagudin, a little later the press started talking about the novel with actor Kirill Safonov. They met in a restaurant where they had dinner with their friends. Now Sasha and Cyril are married (already three years old) and are happy in marriage. Their creative union was born by a fluke and became the love of all life.

Biography of Sasha Savelyeva has no "black holes" andincompleteness. The girl is open to communication with the public and frank in her interviews. Good upbringing and education do not allow her to behave inappropriately and compromise herself and her family, and the natural charm helps to locate both men and women.

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