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Elena Spiridonova

Biography: childhood and youth

Elena Spiridonova was born on February 22, 1978 in theMoscow. The father and mother of our heroine are not related to television. Parents did everything to give their daughter a happy childhood, worthy of upbringing and a good education.

Dad and his mother were waiting for their son by February 23. And then there was a daughter, and a day earlier. Soon the baby showed its fighting character. It was he who helped her achieve what she now has.

At school, Lena studied for the "quartet" and "five". Her favorite subjects were literature, drawing and geography. Several times a week the girl visited various circles, which provided her with all-round development.


From an early age, Elena Spiridonova dreamed of workingon TV. However, the parents managed to persuade her to enter a law school. After receiving a certificate of secondary education, the girl submitted documents to the Law Academy of Moscow. No problems with the entrance exams for a smart and confident girl did not arise.

Professional activity

In 2002, Lena got a job in the fuelcompany Aerofuels International. She received the position of legal adviser. In 2006, the girl was taken away from there at her own request. She just wanted to change the field of activity.

In the period from 2005 to 2006, our heroine was trained in the State Institute of Advanced Training of TV and radio presenters.

When Elena Spiridonova first appeared in theframe? It happened in 2006. The brunette was offered to conduct weekly final programs on the channel "Capital Plus". She agreed. Work on this channel has become a kind of springboard for the development of her future career on TV.

Elena Spiridonova leading

In 2008, Lena changed jobs. The girl switched to the channel "Expert-TV". Her job was to create and conduct analytical programs. Today, Spiridonova's permanent place of work is the RBC channel.

Personal life

Many fans would like to know ifthe heart of a beautiful TV presenter. We will have to grieve them. After all, for more than 15 years, Elena Spiridonova is a legitimate marriage. Unfortunately, her husband's name and occupation were not disclosed. It is known that the couple brings up two children.

Interesting Facts

  • Our heroine loves skiing and horseback riding.
  • In her student years, she was already the mother of two children.
  • The girl likes to invent culinary recipes.


Now you know the biography of one of the most beautiful leaders on Russian television. We wish Elena Spiridonova and her family happiness, health and financial well-being!

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