Today you will see actorsand the role of the series "Netakaya". It's about the American youth project. The series was launched in 2004 and became the most popular in the US among children aged 9-14 years. The creator of the project was Sue Rose. The third season was released in 2007.


Discuss the plot of the film, then will be presentedactors. "Netakaya" is a series about the seventh grader Eddie Singer, who creates songs dedicated to her life in the walls of high school. Her friend, Gina Fabiano, designs her own clothes. She also maintains communication with Zach Carter-Schwartz - a player in the basketball team.

non-active actors

Heroes are trained in Rocky Road - mediumschool located on the east coast of the United States in an unknown city. Ben, Eddie's older brother, works at a cafe called "Juice." This institution is frequented by the main characters.

Key players

The following are the lead rolesactors. "Netakaya" is a film in which Eddie is the main character. Emma Roberts performed this role. It's about the American actress and model. She is the daughter of Eric Roberts. Became famous for participating in the series "Netakaya". Among her other works can be noted the paintings "Queen of screaming", "American history of horror", "Nerve", "We are Millers", "Otora". Emma was born in Reinbek. The father and mother of the future actress parted at the initiative of the first right after the birth of a daughter.

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Males Jaw embodied the image of Eddie's best friendthe name of Gina Fabiano. We are talking about an actress, singer and composer. She was born in 1991, on February 18, in the city of Tulsa. It comes from the family of Lanae and Gong Jou. It has Chinese, Indian and Caucasian roots. At the age of nine, she went to California, along with her mother. The actress has two brothers - Brendan and Jensen, as well as Maken's sister.

Jordan Colloway and Thad Kelly are also starring actors. "Netakaya" is a film in which they appeared as Zach Carter-Schwartz and Ben Singer.
Emma Degerstedt played Marys. We are talking about the actress of cinema and television, as well as the singer. She played the role of Kendra in the play "13". Participated in the production under the title "Child of June". Played Barbara in the play "The Dark Side of the Moon". He also sings and dances. A student at the University of California. It is of Swedish origin.

Other heroes

Next are the second-rate actors. "Netakaya" is a film in which there is a character named Krenberry. Chelsea Tavares played this role. Dustin Ingram played Duane Oglivi. Parents Eddie, Mrs. Sue and Mr. Jeff Singer, also appear in the plot of the film "Netakaya." Actors Molly Hagan and Marcus Flanagan performed these roles. Mary Lou played her namesake by the name of Feri.

actors and roles of the series netakaya
Carter Jenkins appears in the plot as EliPataki. We are talking about an actor known for the paintings "Viva Laughlin", "Surface" and "Aliens in the attic." He was born in Tampa. It comes from the family of Eric and Mary Jenkins. He grew up in Carrollwood. I studied at the Independent Day. His family moved later to Sherman Oaks. He has an older brother, who is called Renneker Jenkins (he is also an actor), and Tiffany's sister. Jenkins is a Jew. The actor attended the Hebrew school.

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