Michel Litvak is a Belgian of Russian origin,president of OTEKO Corporation and the main owner of a large private petroleum and oil carrier by rail, is currently the patron of filmmakers of the highest professional level.

Rapid takeoff

Michel Litwack was born in Soviet Leningrad, butgrew up in Belgium, since it was in this European state that soon after the birth of her son the Litvak family immigrated. In the early 90's Michelle returned to Russia to start his own business. First, his firm "Russian World" was engaged in the sale of Chinese goods on the Russian market. But a year later, the future billionaire had the opportunity to buy an impressive lot of fuel oil Omsk refinery. Naturally, we had to fork out and on the tanks. The deal turned out to be extremely profitable, and Michel Litvak realized that it is possible to earn decent money on transportation of oil products and oil itself. The entrepreneur decided to take a chance, and all the financial resources available in the "Russian World" asset invested in the purchase of tanks. The risk was justified.

Michel Litwack


Recently, at an extraordinary meeting of the Councildirectors of corporation "Tamanneftegas" the resolution on purpose of Litvak on a post of the general director of the company has been accepted. The businessman promised to focus on the effective development of the infrastructure and sales market of the corporation, starting with the optimization of the internal structure of the company. Michel Litvak proposed to expand the export direction to China, which is the world's second largest consumer of oil after the United States. The fact is that so far no one has been able to obtain support and permission from the government for the construction of the pipeline, which means that the company paying for the transportation of oil will pay for the transportation of oil. Therefore, Michel Litvak, whose state for 2005 is estimated at 5.6 billion rubles, will not leave the rating of Russian billionaires in the near future.

how to catch a monster


Michel Litvack, whose biography would have beenincomplete without mentioning producer activities, began in the cinema with the production of joint US-Russian projects. In 2004, an entrepreneur, determined to film tapes that bring in box office success, founded an independent production and financial company Bold Films. Nevertheless, while agreeing to act as a producer / co-producer, Litvak strictly demands that his paintings be created artistically and professionally. One of the vivid examples of such films is the nominee of the Golden Globe film project directed by Emilio Esteves "Bobby" with an unrivaled, starry cast ensemble: Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, William Macy, Shia LaBeouf and Sharon Stone. The plot of the picture tells about the circumstances of the attempted assassination of Robert F. Kennedy.

producer Michelle Litwack

Patron of the directors of the highest class

Recently producer Michel Litvak took part in theproduction of the apocalyptic thriller "Legion", created by Sony in 2010. Spectacles do not take pictures, and the plot prompts to think about the future of mankind.

Produced by Litvakom filmmaker thrillerJoe Dante "Gates in 3D" has a rating of PG-13, however, despite the fact that the film contains all the components of suspense, film critics address it to view the audience of spectators of secondary school age.

Producer tries to take part inproduction of film projects led by top-notch directors like Phillip Noyce, James Mangold and David O'Rassell. But there are exceptions, for example, a thriller-fantasy "How to catch a monster."

Michel Litwak State

An exception

The film directed by Ryan Gosling was the debut forperspective producer. His premiere show took place in Cannes in 2014, since then the picture is the subject of fierce debate by film critics of all stripes. The fact is that, removing "How to catch a monster", Gosling took from many legendary directors a whole clip of their author's techniques. The film contains recognizable features of the handwriting of David Lynch, Winding Refna and many others. However, if we ignore the comparison, we must admit that the director has shot an amazingly beautiful tape. The video sequence is irreproachable in places, that's why it's absolutely not a pity for the time spent on viewing. The narrative makes sense and a fair amount of originality.

Filmography of the producer

Currently, the filmography of producer M. Litvak has more than 18 paintings:

  • Expected in 2017, the dramatic film "Stronger."
  • Mystical thriller "Neon Demon" (IMDb: 6.90).
  • The new creation of John Eric Dowdle, non stop action "No way out" (IMDb: 6.80).
  • Fantastic TV series "Dominion" (IMDb: 6.80).
  • The above "How to catch a monster" (IMDb: 5.80).
  • The musical drama "Obsession" (IMDb: 8.50).
  • Amazing satirical thriller "Stinger" (IMDb: 7.90).
  • The crime drama "Only God will forgive" (IMDb: 5.70).
  • The horror film "Evidence" (IMDb: 5.30).
  • The tape, not without justification claiming the status of a cult, - "Drive" (IMDb: 7.80).
  • "Legion" and "Gates in 3D".
  • The dramatic comedy "Halfway to Nowhere" (IMDb: 6.50).
  • Legendary "Bobby".
  • Romantic drama about love and sex "Come early" (IMDb: 6.20).
  • The criminal comedy "At Mini is the first time" (IMDb: 5.90).
  • Military action film "Second Front" (IMDb: 4.00).
  • The criminal melodrama "Slingshot" (IMDb: 4.70).
    Michel Litwak biography

Personal life of a businessman

If you carefully review the starthe cast of the picture "Bobby", then among the superprofessionals of the world cinema you can see the Russian surname - Svetlana Metkina. The young actress played the role of a Czech journalist. Svetlana - wife of Michel Litvak, ill-wishers say that the billionaire producer simply buys his wife roles.

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