This lyrical work was written in1914 year. This year is commemorated by the outbreak of the First World War, but in the soul of Alexander Blok at this time there have been significant changes. Perhaps they are connected with a meeting with LA Delmas, who played the Carmen Party.

Analysis of the poem "Oh, I want to live insanely"emphasizes all the beauty and significance of the opening in the soul of the lyric hero and the poet himself. Important changes are taking place in it, which could serve as an occasion for a big change in creativity and destiny.

The state of the lyric hero

What does he feel and experience? The first thing that attracts attention is an unlimited feeling of ecstasy and ecstasy. Since admiration for anything in general is characteristic of Blok's poetry, here it is directed not at a mystical meaning, but on a personal state. Anyone who thinks that the poet was singing a woman in his poems is forced to be disappointed with Alexander Blok: for him, in fact, the very possibility of serving an abstract idea was of paramount importance.

analysis about I want to live insanely

The lyrical hero is in a statesatisfaction and contentment with oneself. He believes in the future, boldly looks at his innermost dreams and thinks about putting them into practice. The analysis "Oh, I want to live insanely" reveals the possibilities of the lyric hero to change, makes me wonder whether he is really ready for them. He is inspired by new ideas, occupies lofty dreams and aspirations. He follows the voice of his soul. However, it can be noted that there is nothing concrete in desires, the poet thinks very large and blurry. The analysis "Oh, I want to live insanely" only confirms this. He does not make a promise to achieve a certain result, but simply speaks to eternity, addressing himself and the higher principle.

A. Block, "Oh, I want to live insanely"

An analysis of the poem shows the reader,as far as the lyrical hero is far from a real view of life. He is still only planning for a bright future, but, of course, he can not know what his future expects. In fact, he is still in a sweet illusion, which has not yet come to be debunked. What does the lyric hero Alexander Blok?

an analysis of the poem's block about I want to live insanely

About what a real person should be - withoutmasks, without pretense and lies. But before the realization of this intention, the poet himself is still very far away. It seems that he realizes the mistakes of the past and wants to realize his unfulfilled dreams, but this is just a rush, no further action follows. The analysis "Oh, I want to live insanely" helps deeper and better understand the issue of human existence.

Poetic vocabulary

In this lyrical work a few metaphors are used, but they are all used to the place and emphasize the basic idea of ​​the poetic text.

"Life is a heavy dream" means immersion inpainful experiences that disturb the heart and poison the soul. How often we actually are in such a crushed state, when we do not want to do anything, there is nothing to strive for. Analysis of the poem "Oh, I want to live insanely" reflects the essential problems of life and the meaning of life.

block about I want to insanely live analysis

"Child of Good and Light" - this can be interpretedas the desire to find freedom, to become powerful, to unfold in all its potential capabilities. The hope for a joyous future is boundless, the lyrical hero is ready to look forward with a smile. The analysis "Oh, I want to live insanely" emphasizes the need for each person of such an internal search, backed up by the soul's inner need for self-expression.

Main thought

The idea for which this poeticmasterpiece, is this: a person must live for the sake of high aspirations to realize himself in the present, and not a fictional world. He will certainly be able to cope with destructive illusions if he follows the voice of his own heart. We are here to be happy, to realize the best plans and dreams.

poem analysis about I want to live insanely

Thus, an analysis of Blok's poem "Oh, II want to live insanely "demonstrates to the reader the importance and significance of each individual existence on earth with its own ideas and tasks. You can not force another person to be happy, but you can make life a little kinder and more beautiful, bring new colors and opportunities to it, which will please, pleasantly surprise.

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