Each of us at least once in my life came acrossthe need to transfer money to someone or receive a money transfer from someone. The first solution that comes to mind and is the most convenient is a bank transfer. It allows you to quickly and, most importantly, reliably send money to another person. It is very important that the bank, through which the transfer is made, has an extensive network of branches and ATMs. This fact determines how quickly and easily the recipient's money will be received.

bank transfer

Transfer of funds within the country

In our country, a bank whose offices can be found on theany corner, is Sberbank. It offers its clients various types of bank transfers (depending on the terms, purposes and availability of an open bank account). In Russia, a bank transfer Sberbank offers in two ways:

  • on the deposit from the person's account;
  • without opening an account.

In the first case, you can transfer both rubles andforeign currency. In the second - only rubles. Each method has its pluses. So, the second is convenient, when you need to quickly send some amount, and there is no time for other procedures.

A comparatively new type of transfers across the country and inthe country of the near abroad is "BLITZ-translation". It will allow you to deliver money to the recipient with lightning speed. It takes about an hour. And money will be available to a person in another part of the country. To make such a transfer, you will need your passport and passport details of the recipient. Then do not forget to tell the person to whom the money was transferred, the control number, which is the key to receiving funds.

The cost of the transfer is 1.75 percent of its amount, but it can not exceed 3000 rubles.

bank transfer

Remittance abroad

There are situations when money needs to be sentabroad. For example, someone from his family suddenly ran out of funds, the child is studying abroad or some unforeseen circumstances happened. In this case, a bank transfer abroad will help, which can also be made through Sberbank.

It can be urgent (if the money is needed inthe shortest possible time) or ordinary. The first, of course, is more expensive, but will allow you to get money as soon as you receive a transfer application. In addition to data on the physical person to whom the funds are intended, it will be necessary to indicate information about the receiving bank, its swift code and the purpose of the transfer. By the way, it is this code that allows you to make a "money cycle" all over the world.

What determines the "price" of translation?

Separately it is worth noting that the transfer feemoney through Sberbank depends solely on the type of operation, and not, say, on the type of card or customer's account. The cost of the operation is affected by its urgency, as well as the place of commission. So, the transfer through the Internet or self-service devices will be somewhat cheaper than the same operation in the office.

bank transfer abroad

Within the bank, the transfer will cost less than sending money to an account opened with other banks. At these times, you need to pay attention to reduce your costs, and sometimes save time.

Whichever of these methods you choose, the bank transfer will solve the problem of delivery of funds with the maximum comfort, quickly and reliably.

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