This wine is made from red or blackgrape varieties such as Cabernet, Merlot, etc. Red is achieved through the pigment, which is mainly in the skin of berries. The main task of manufacturers is to get a tart drink of a special shade. As a color to get, we figured out, and tannins are in bones and peel, and when the grapes crush they get into the drink. Red wines are very popular all over the world.

red wines

How to prepare

After the ripe grapes are harvested, it is washedand then press to get juice. As a result, a kind of gruel is formed, which is called "mash". Then yeast is sent there and everything is mixed. Further, the mixture is poured into the prepared containers, leaving a little space, since during the fermentation a separate layer is formed at the top. Because of this, the mass must be mixed several times for 4 days. If everything was done correctly, then in the end you get a must with grape aroma and the right color, as well as tartness. After the fermentation process, the pulp is squeezed and removed, and the beverage that turned out is bottled. Then follows the process of aging, which is about 3 months. So get red wine.


In the world there are about 4.5 thousand different varieties of red wine. These varieties must be drunk at a certain temperature of the air - this is somewhere around 23 ° C.

red wines
To fully enjoy the aroma and taste,it is recommended to open the bottle one hour before you drink it. But if you chose a vintage wine, then pour it immediately as soon as it is opened. In such drinks very often there is a sediment to get rid of it, pour it into another vessel.

There are several types of wine:

"The red ones are dry." These drinks contain very little sugar. This wine is best served with meat, for example, a shish kebab. This drink improves appetite and helps to feel all the gustatory qualities of the dish. As for sweet options, they are served to dessert or in between meals.

- Table wines. Red grape drinks of this kind are served for lunch. Table wine is also perfectly combined with meat, such as lamb or game.

- Dessert. For this option, only some grape varieties are suitable, such as Cabernet, Saperavi.

An important rule: the best red wines are obtained from ripe berries, which contain a lot of sugar.

Some interesting facts about wine

best red wines

- Red alcoholic beverages from grapes can not be served with chocolate.

- Tannins, which are in red wine, have a positive effect on blood vessels.

- If the drink is heated, it turns out to be an ideal remedy for colds.

- Cahors - a very popular red wine - used to prevent anemia.

- Another interesting fact: this drink is a good antioxidant, which prolongs life.

- Affects the appetite, positively affects the metabolic processes.

- A good diuretic.

- A must for people who live in places with high levels of radiation.

Good red wine is produced in France and Georgia. Due to its taste and incredible aroma, this drink is popular in all corners of the world.

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