Perception of flavor and aromatic propertiesThe noblest drink from the vine largely depends on how appropriate and successful it is combined with a selected snack. The true connoisseurs of his taste know perfectly well about what wine is drinking and what sort of its best to choose for cooked dishes. Most tasters recommend that when choosing a drink to comply with this rule - eating snacks should not interfere with the perception of the bouquet of flavors and taste of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, to refined dishes you need to choose a simpler wine, and the most unpretentious snack is chosen for expensive wine.

General recommendations for choosing snacks

About what kind of dishes are morecome up to this noble drink, opinions strongly differ. It is difficult to say which snack is best. Here everything depends on the preferences of the owner and his guests, on the traditions of the country where the drink was produced and, of course, on the combination of products. Nevertheless, experts who are well aware of what they drink wine, are advised to eat foods that do not affect the taste of wine in any way. They are not so much, and therefore easy to remember - it's cheeses, fruits and white bread. Any other snack will interact with the alcoholic beverage and influence its taste. Among the products there are even those that you should not use with wine. These include salads with a high content of vinegar (it dulls the receptors of taste), nuts (have astringent effect on the tongue), citrus and fatty fish. The heavy companions of wines are considered to be chocolate products, mocha, cinnamon and vanilla.

with what wine is drunk

With what to drink red wine

Best with this alcoholic beverageharmonize meat dishes: poultry, veal, cold boar, game. Also with it, low-fat cheeses are well combined. If the wine is dry, you can take sausage, bacon or ham. If the drink is sour, it is served with sweet fruit. The reverse combination is also possible. This combination allows you to create a kind of contrast to emphasize the taste of wine. All this applies to dry varieties. Semisweet wine blends well with vegetables, especially with cauliflower and peas. A good option is to serve it to seafood: crabs, oysters or crayfish. With what do they drink wine, if it is fortified? This drink excites appetite and perfectly harmonizes with spicy dishes (pilaf or shish kebabs), soups, and also comes to fatty meat (lamb, pork, duck).

with what to drink red wine

White wine. With what to drink such a drink?

This variety is best combined with fishdishes. And here there is one nuance: dry wine should be served to light lean food and seafood, and fortified ones are ideal for sweets (sweets, chocolate, dessert, ice cream) and fruits (pears, peaches, oranges, mandarins, pineapples).

white wine with what to drink

Temperature of wine and glasses

Now that we know what wine is drinking,let's talk about how it should be served. The correct temperature for red varieties ranges from 16 to 18 ° C, for whites - 10 to 12 ° C. If this is champagne, then it can be cooled more - up to 8-10 ° C. It is this temperature that will help to harmoniously determine all the merits of this noble drink. As for the glasses, ideally they should have a cut ovoid or tulip-like shape, be medium in height and with a thin stem. There is an exception for champagne. It is served in tall glasses with a hollow stalk, the shape of the glasses looks like a cone.

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