Domestic spirits always win incompared with industrial ones. At least you know exactly what was added during cooking and how many years of this or that bottle actually. It is noted that wine from bird cherry in the home has a very rich flavor and aroma. Not to mention the color of the drink - it's amazing. It is noteworthy that the longer wine stands, the more delicious and aromatic it is.

wine from bird cherry in the home

Homemade wine from bird cherry

In every family, where do various tinctures andliqueurs, has its own, already tested for years recipe, which describes how to make wine from bird cherry in the home. But something in common that unites all the ways is a berry. It should be ripe, fragrant and clean (without bugs, spiders and cobwebs). The easiest way to prepare wine is to lay bird cherry in a large bottle. Then it is simply poured with vodka or diluted alcohol and infused for about 1.5 months. At the end of time, you just need to add sugar to taste and enjoy a drink. It is noted that this recipe for wine from bird cherry gives a very strong product at the outlet. If desired, it can always be slightly diluted with juice or water.

recipe for wine from bird cherry

Wine from bird cherry, whose recipe is like,perhaps, all the housewives are a classic. You need to alternately put in a large jar or bottle (from 10 liters) of berries and sugar. When it is about 3/4 full, you can add water. It is not necessary to cover the lid, solely with a rubber glove. When fermentation takes place (and it will happen), the glove will stand upright, as soon as it falls, it means that the wine is ready for consumption. Be careful: if the glove is not inflated in the near future after falling asleep, it is likely that the wine will just turn sour, without becoming a noble drink. That's why the fruits need to be selected only whole and good, without dents and over-ripeness. Otherwise they just rot in the process.

wine from bird cherry recipe

One of the most fragrant recipes is one,where not only berries are used, but also the leaves of this plant. Thus, wine from bird cherry in the home can be cooked. It will take at least a hundred green leaves per three-liter pot. Berries in this case should be taken no less than 1.5 kg. All you need to boil well with sugar, which is taken about 1.5 kg. You need to add it gradually. Then in the cooled down syrup you need to add 1.5 liters of vodka or diluted alcohol. In villages, for this purpose, moonshine is sometimes used, which, strictly speaking, is prohibited by the legislation of our country. So, violators should take only 1 liter of it. The resulting mixture (along with the leaves and berries) should be placed in a large container and closed with a lid. The drink will be infused for about 2 weeks. After which it must be filtered and poured over beautiful bottles.

Wine from bird cherry in the homeproduced can be of different strengths and sweets - it all depends on the taste and preferences of those who cook and use it. A good wine from this berry does not affect the pressure and work of the heart, if you drink it in reasonable quantities.

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