After reading the proposed information, you canto find out what the watermelons dream about, according to the compilers of the relevant sources of interpretation. Looking ahead, we will say that basically this symbol is treated positively.

what is the dream of watermelons

In particular, these dreams are interpreted by the dream book,as a sign of creative enthusiasm. If the watermelon is large, and you are engaged in creativity, then the long-awaited inspiration will be your frequent visitor. But when interpreting dreams it is necessary to take into consideration the circumstances and details.

Take the "General Dream". Why dream a watermelon that a dreamer chooses when buying? Probably, you are facing a life choice and try to make the right decision.

The case, apparently, is not easy? In this case, in order to avoid the wrong action, you should double your vigilance. Well, if you see in a dream, how to grow watermelons or even break the fruit. In the first case, the symbol announces the successful and speedy completion of a complicated business, and in the second one - about the repayment of your debts.

What does the watermelon look like?unripe, and taste - unsweetened? A dreaming man will probably have a difficult relationship with a person of the opposite sex. He will have to take the initiative in his hands, and perhaps, to educate his lady. The same symbol warns a woman that her risky plans will not succeed.

We now turn to the study of the dream book of Tsvetkov. Here, without any specific clarification, it is said that such a dream to an unplanned departure. Maybe you'll go on a business trip? And what is the dream of watermelons, in the opinion of the compilers of the dream book on Feng Shui? In general, to prosperity in the financial sphere, but with some clarifications. Watermelons can not be eaten alone, because it is a sign to illness. And if the watermelon is being stolen in your dream, it will not succeed.

what is the dream of watermelons

The Ukrainian dream book also says that if you have these fruits yourself, you can get sick. But we already know about this from previous books and will share watermelons in our dreams.

But the authors of the esoteric dream book look atthings are simpler. On the question of what the watermelons dream of, an answer is given, connected with the physiology of man. Pay attention to your body, because it needs large volumes of fluid. Drink herbal infusions, teas, rich in vitamins.

Dream Azar says that watermelon can dreamwomen to pregnancy, girls warn about deception, and men bring sadness. This is completely agreed and the compilers of "Dream Interpretation from A to Z". And here in general watermelons are not in high esteem. Even just to see them in a dream - not to good, but to buy or carry in their hands - to face in real life with obstacles.

Very brief Solomon dream book, stating that this symbol of the dream promises marriage to girls, pregnancy to women and problems for men.

what is the dream of watermelons

But another source pleased, researchwhich we finish the article. This is the "Eastern female dream book". What does the watermelon dream of, in the opinion of its authors? They consider this sign as very favorable. In particular, there is a watermelon in a dream for good, success and prosperity. The purchase of watermelon is interpreted here as obtaining an inheritance or a large profit. We wish you this!

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