Those who like the creative ideas of designroom, it is quite suitable advice to make for the house a chair of plastic bottles with your own hands. Here are some options for how you can create an excellent product from unnecessary trash, which will still serve its owner.

Armchair from vertically installed bottles

This craft is made from blocks of empty containers,fastened with an adhesive tape. To make such an armchair of plastic bottles with your own hands, you must first form the bottom layer. To do this, the containers are installed vertically down the neck. Then stack the blocks across and fasten them to the base with adhesive tape. The seat itself is made from a block identical to the bottom base.

a chair of plastic bottles with your own hands

At the corners of the base fix the risers. They can be made round by placing blocks on top of each other. Do not forget that they are fastened together with an adhesive tape. The same round blocks form armrests. The back is formed in the form of a semicircle.

One-in-one chair

Many craftsmen sometimes have a desire to make exclusive furniture from unnecessary trash. It will help to make a chair from plastic bottles master class.

  • This model will require absolutely identical bottles both in size and color. It is also important to ensure that they are clean and without stickers.
  • To make such an armchair of plastic bottles with your own hands, you should first cut a tapering piece near the lid at half the eggplant.
  • Then the prepared container is put on the site with the lid of the second bottle. Thus, they receive a "button" made of plastic.
  • The joint of two connected bottles is glued with adhesive tape.
  • From these parts it is very easy to design an armchair.
    armchair from plastic bottles master class

From plastic bottles with their own hands, you can also create a bed, sofa, table.

Soft armchair with own hands

To make the presentation workable, you cantighten it with foam rubber or sintepon. It is easiest to make a soft chair in two stages: first make a seat that looks like a puff, and then construct a backrest.

  • For the seat, take the right number of bottles, which are installed on a cardboard template. Another part of the same pattern is covered from above. The entire construction is fixed with an adhesive tape.
  • Then a piece is cut from the foam rubber or sintepon, which will soften the upper part of the seat. It is identical to the cardboard pattern that covers the structure of bottles.
  • Rectangular parts of the softener seat element turns around from the sides. This design can be fixed with a needle and thread.
  • The second stage of the bottle is going to the backrest and armrests. For them, you can use "loaves" (how to do them, described above).
  • Above, the chair can be covered with a cloth. For this purpose, a tapestry, a coat fabric, velor, suede, leatherette will suit.
    how to make a chair made of plastic bottles

An interesting variant of the chair's braidingold jeans. For this, trousers need to be cut into strips 3-5 cm wide. They are sewn into longer, suitable in size (compare in pattern). The edges of the bands are cut off by a typewriter.

Observing the rules of chess weaving, make the original material for tightening upholstered furniture.

Rocking chair with wooden sidewall

This hand-made article can be used on a child'splayground for kids. But in the house it is very convenient to sit in a rocking chair made by own hands. An armchair made of plastic bottles with wooden sidewalls perfectly fits into the interior, creates a unique comfort and comfort.

Unlike the manufacturing methods described aboveThis kind of furniture, here you will need additional details. Sidewalls need to be made from wood panels, drilled in them holes for the bottleneck of bottles. Also, you will need cross-section wooden slats-ties and one shared curved detail, which repeats the shape of the bending of the sidewalls.

with his hands a plastic bottle seat

The width of the rocking chair will depend on the sizebottles. They are inserted into the holes in the sidewalls. With the recesses of their bottoms, the eggplants of one side are connected to the protuberances of containers, fixed in the holes of the opposite side.

Armchair with wire frame

It looks original, this article emphasizingstyle of minimalism. In fact, there is no adornment, absolutely nothing superfluous. You can even say that such furniture is extremely appropriate in the design, made in the style of high-tech. This section of the article will tell you how to make a chair made of plastic bottles with a wire frame.

It is clear that to take for manufacturing you need a thick enough wire, capable of keeping the shape at high loads. From it you need to bend the triangular legs and rim, which will pass along the edge of the chair.

how to make a chair made of plastic bottles

Now a softer wire is performedWeaving, grabbing the bottles of bottles and rim-base. After the armchair is woven, tape should go through the bottoms of bottles, from which the craft is made.

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