Literally recently the crumb was so comfortable andcomfortable in your arms, which at that moment seemed as if he no longer needed anything. But after a while the child begins to study with a meaningful glance and learn about the world around him, tries to somehow interact with him. He grabs the items that fall under his arm, tries on his own to take the first steps, sits. In the same period the baby begins to learn the kitchen space in his house. Yes, it's a very important time in a child's life. And this only means that now the parents of an inquisitive child need to think about buying the first highchair.

When to make a purchase?

A special highchair is very necessary in the householdand plays an important role in the life of the baby and his parents. Even if the baby is still breastfeeding, this does not mean that it should be kept on hand all the time. Moreover, it is not very convenient, and not entirely safe. After all, usual for adults things to the child seem quite interesting, unidentified and fascinating. Even a mug with hot tea can pose a serious danger to the baby.

highchair nanny 189 1 4 in 1 blue

Despite the fact that the baby can realize thatsome objects should not be touched, he still inefficiently controls his movements, which means that trouble can happen at any moment. That is why, even in infancy, a child will not be prevented from giving a special highchair that can save him from unwanted incidents.

How to choose a chair for feeding

Most buyers choose the chairfor feeding "Nanny 189-1, 4 in 1". Reviews about this device are mostly positive. However, the company has produced a small batch of goods, so many customers are outraged by the fact that most chairs are not available. The device is universal, so it is perfect for both boys and girls. Due to the fact that the chair is easily transformed, it can be used for children from 6 months to 2 years. Do not be afraid that the child will turn over if left for a few minutes unattended.

feeding chair nanny 189 1 4 in 1

In the process of creating a chair, everything was thought out beforetrifles. It has a stable construction due to its short legs and wide seat. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 12 kg. Due to the fact that the device is made of plastic, it is relatively light. Its weight in the assembly is 9 kg. One of the most popular models is the highchair "Nyanya 189-1 4 in 1" (blue), made in Russia.

Methods of transformation

The chair chair can be easily transformed in several ways:

1. A swing so that the child can not only play, but also rest. If necessary, a chair can be used instead of a cradle.

2. A high chair in which the child can eat and play.

3. Low chair, also used for feeding and playing.

4. Rocking chair. In it, the baby can rest or even sleep.

Product description

Highchair "Nanny 4 in 1" designedfor children from 6 months to 2 years. It is ideal for a baby who is just starting to switch from bottle feeding to self-feeding. The child will feel comfortable on this chair.

feeding chair nanny 189 1 4 in 1 reviews

In addition, parents will not be disappointed eitherthis device, since the chair can be easily adjusted, which means that the multifunctional design will grow with the baby. The product is also very convenient in that, when used, the child will always be in front of his parents, which also guarantees his safety. Highchair "Nanny 189-1 4 in 1" is a safe and convenient place for your child, which he definitely likes.

Device Features

The kit includes a special removable mattress forseat, which will quickly change the soiled. Thanks to the simple and reliable construction of the fasteners and the presence of the necessary removable parts and footboard, the table will be very convenient not only for the baby, but also for the parents. The chair chair has several positions. So, it can be fixed in the position of a rocking chair, low or high chair. It should be noted that the chair is made exclusively of safe materials, and due to its strength and high quality, it is resistant to impacts and falls.

Assembly Instructions

Stool for feeding "Nanny 4 in 1", instructionthe assembly to which comes complete with the seat-transformer itself, is fairly simple to use. To install the seat on the base, you must first mount the bushings and the rings on the ends of the shaft. These details are in the basic set with a chair. The free ends of the axis must be passed through the holes in the base. Next, pull the caps onto the protruding ends of the shaft.

feeding chair nanny 4 in 1 assembly instruction

To simplify the process, elastic caps can bepre-heat in any convenient way. In order to turn a chair into a rocking chair, it is necessary to turn all the stops on the stool to the "inside" position, and they should not touch the floor. The feeding chair "Nanny 4 in 1", the instruction of which will help in its assembly, will bring joy to any kid.

If the rack that is located behind the backseat, adjust in the lower groove and install it in the lock, you can eventually get a chair for feeding and, in fact, the table itself. Then the top of the plastic is easily attached to the armrests, which allows it to lock. To do this, it must be pushed in until it clicks into the special holes.

feeding chair nanny 4 in 1 user guide

To the highchair "Nanny 4 in 1"turned into an ordinary chair, you need to do the following manipulations. Place the chair legs in a special frame and secure them with the buttons. Spread the frame and pull on the hinges covers, included in the complete set of the stool-transformer. Then simply return the support to the lower position and hang the chair on the hooks, insert the support into the connectors and secure with a lock.

Reviews about the device

Happy parents who have already boughthis highchair for a nursing stool "Nanny 4 in 1", note his reliable design, which does not exactly break down. The advantages of this chair can not be attributed to its very comfortable and stable swing, as well as manually adjustable slope of the depth of the chair. The seat belt, which is equipped with a stool-transformer, does not allow the baby to accidentally fall out or run away from the seat, which is a guarantee of safety, while the parents are not around.

Recently I got great popularitya highchair for feeding "Nanny 4 in 1", reviews of which are mostly positive. Among other things, the high-quality design of the chair is able to withstand a child weighing up to 13 kilograms, and the change table has special edges from the spill.

feeding chair nanny 4 in 1 reviews

There are practically no drawbacks at the stool, but stillthere are some drawbacks. One of them is the size and lack of adjustment of the backrest. A high stool in the unfolded state takes up a lot of space, which creates inconvenience. However, this will not be a big problem for those who have a lot of space in the kitchen. In addition, the chair-transformer lacks wheels that can play an important role for some.

What do young moms say?

Virtually all women who have acquired such aa stool for your baby, are satisfied with the purchase. Young mothers emphasize: due to the fact that the design is completely made of plastic, it is easy to clean, and the cover can also be easily removed and washed not only with hands, but also in a washing machine. The fabric is quickly removed and installed on the intended place. Do not be afraid that it will be torn.

highchair for nanny 4 in 1

In addition, newly-minted parents claim,that the child is very comfortable being in such a stool. Indeed, his seat is very comfortable, and additional armrests allow the child to comfortably place their hands. Outwardly the device resembles an armchair, but only a small one. In the process of its manufacturing, high-quality plastic was used, therefore it will last for more than one year. That is, it can be used in the case of the appearance of a second baby.

Concise conclusion. Should I buy a highchair for nursing "Nanny 4 in 1"?

This design is best bought fora child who already knows how to sit well alone, since there is no adjustment of the backrest position in the chair. In general, the design of the chair is strong enough and reliable, which is its undoubted advantage. If your kitchen does not have a lot of space for the chair, then this option is not suitable for your case. Although outwardly the chair looks airy, but it takes a lot of space for it, so it is worthwhile to find another model. In addition, the assembly of the device is also quite laborious, so this chair-transformer should not be bought by single mothers.

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