Contrary to the fact that people lost their former faithancestors into their dreams, their talismans still retain their appeal. To such it is possible to carry dream catchers. There are a lot of options, but in fact the traps for dreams are a small hoop with a tightly wound leather strip. Inside - a network of threads. A tiny piece of turquoise embedded in the thread imitates the image of the spider.

traps for dreams
Traps for dreams - a domestic invention of Indians,which has come down to us since antiquity. Their ritual meaning is in the management of dreams and thoughts. Sage Iktomi in the spider image was a vision for the shaman Lakota. The spider bent the willow branch. Then he decorated it with an owl feather and began to weave a web around the curl. He said that the web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center that catches good thoughts, and the evil ones go through the hole.

A hoop with beads and bird feathers is usually hung over the bed or at the door. However, this is done not only in dwellings, but also in cars, in particular, on rear-view mirrors.

The trap of dreams, when the wind blows, wavers inair and catches dreams flying past. The nightmares "stick" in the threads and melt with the rising of the sun. Desired dreams flutter in bird feathers. Willow circle is considered a symbol of life. He was likened to infinity, the course of the Sun and cyclicity.

Similar amulets were also found in other peoples. For example, Asian traps for dreams - Kytgyem. The sorcerers attached animal figures to them, reminiscent of dreams. They carried a hidden meaning, and nodules and threads had their own order. When you make a sacred product yourself, what you think about is important. After all, he puts in a talisman close thoughts and aspirations.

a trap of dreams
The question arises of itself: "Where to buy a dream catcher?" Visually accurate samples are sold in specialized stores of feng shui. For undemanding persons a tent near the entrance to any metro is also suitable. Residents of the regions can order a catcher of dreams in online stores. In the US, dream traps, "Dreamcatcher", are well implemented in souvenir shops along the roads of Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arizona, Colorado - states with famous stony deserts and scorching sun.

Earlier owl feathers as a symbol of wisdomattached to the charms of women. Eagle feathers weaved into the amulets of men. Now the trade in the feathers of sacred birds, such as eagles, is banned. Therefore, chicken feathers are often used instead. On some traps along with feathers attach beams of horsehair, and instead of beads - sleeves.

By tradition, a ready-made trap is useful to fumigatea haze of medicinal herbs. In a fairytale ceremony, it is better to use a shell with a smoldering pinch of dried wormwood. In the north of America there is a tradition to make "drimkatchers" in the form of snowshoes, attached to shoes, so as not to drown in deep snow.

where to buy the dream catcher
If we imagine a web of dew in the dawnrays, it becomes clear why the figured circle with beads and sparkles is so attractive. In my head, horrifying landscapes from the TV series "Twin Peaks" arise: impenetrable fogs, pointed peaks of ancient sequoias, impenetrable mysterious forests.

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