The famous "apple" company prefersnever stop at what has been achieved and plans to produce more and more new gadgets, gradually filling all the existing niches of electronics. Not surprisingly, every new product of the famous manufacturer causes a huge resonance in the world of modern devices. Moreover, many plans of this giant are beginning to be discussed even before its products get into development, and their release becomes officially announced. For example, the confirmation of this is the project to create a new gadget from Apple. Wristwatch in the near future will please fans of "apple" products.

apple clock
First of all, a new device from the most expensivethe corporation of the world will be a fashionable and stylish accessory that is attached to the hand of its owner. Its small square screen will contain other functions besides the standard time display, which is the meaning that was originally laid out in the Apple gadget. The clock will have icons that are specific to all devices running on the iOS platform. Under these images lies the entire functionality of the latest development from the "apple". For example, the device is planned to be equipped with GPS-maps, which will allow its owner to orientate on any terrain. In addition, the novelty of Apple - wristwatch, of course, will not do without access to the most popular networks.

clock from apple iwatch price
Due to the fact that it is planned to be releasedthe products will be primarily aimed at buyers who lead a healthy lifestyle, the gadget will equip with several programs that will be useful to any athlete. In particular, according to rumors about Apple's new product, the clock will have a built-in pedometer, a pulse meter and several other similar software. "Intelligent" wrist unit was initially baptized in absentia as "iWatch". Moreover, according to official information, this name has already been registered by the "apple" company as a brand in the relevant instances. In addition, the media leaked information related to this product, which everyone calls "the clock from Apple - iWatch." The price of the described device is planned to be set at a level not exceeding the mark of $ 200. However, to date, this information has not been officially confirmed by the manufacturer.

wristwatch apple
Wristwatches Apple even before its releasealready managed to bring a lot of noise not only among fans of "apple" products, but in the whole field of electronics manufacturers. Many companies have started developing similar gadgets in parallel, moreover, many of them have already announced the release of these products. In general, devices from other manufacturers also represent a wristwatch equipped with additional functionality. In particular, in addition to the touch screen, music players, voice recorders, mini-cameras and many other interesting software can be built into them. Nevertheless, it will be most interesting to observe the possibility of such products compete with the novelty from Apple, after it officially goes on sale. It is planned that this will happen no earlier than the second quarter of next year.

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