Not long ago, a newa preparation from fleas and ticks "Bravecto". Reviews of dog owners, which appeared almost immediately, were quite contradictory. Some praised the miracle remedy, others called it a poison. So, let's try to figure out what kind of a drug it is, and we'll analyze the evidence of those who have already given it to their pet.

General information

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The drug is manufactured by Intervet. "Braveto" (reviews confirm this) is produced in the form of a chewy brown tablet (from light to dark shades) of a round color with a rough or smooth surface, there may be inclusions. Produced in 5 different dosages, depending on the weight of the dog.

One carton pack contains one tablet, placed in an aluminum blister, and instructions for use.

"Bravecto" must be stored in closed formaway from food and animal feed, in a place protected from sunlight at a temperature of 0 - 30 degrees Celsius. The period of validity of the medicinal product is 2 years from the date of manufacture.


As already noted, "Braveto" (reviews aboutthe preparation is presented below) is available in 5 dosages, where the main active ingredient is fluralaner. In one tablet it, depending on the weight of the dog, contains (in mg):

  • 12.5;
  • 250;
  • 500;
  • 1000;
  • 1400.

In addition, the composition of the tool includes the following auxiliary elements:

  • sucrose;
  • flavoring Super Premium in Powder for Dog;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate;
  • magnesium stearate;
  • disodium pamoate monohydrate;
  • aspartame;
  • soybean oil;
  • glycerol;
  • corn starch.

Instructions for use

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Now let's talk about how to take "Braveto". Instructions, reviews of dog breeders and advice of veterinarians on this issue converge.

The drug is given to dogs before / after meals ortime. "Braveto" has a pretty attractive scent and taste for the animal, and it usually does not occur to the dog to eat the pill himself. If the animal refused to eat the medicine, the pill can be put on the root of the tongue - the pet reflexively swallows it, or given along with the food.

The dosage of the drug is calculated as a function offrom the weight of the animal. So, for one kilogram of weight is from 25 to 55 mg fluralanera. If you take a pill that is not designed for the weight of your dog, it is forbidden to break it, picking up the necessary dosage.

The action of one pill lasts 12 weeks. After the expiry of this period, if necessary, the therapy should be repeated.


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Among the main contraindications are the following:

  • individual intolerance to the dog ingredients included in the medicinal product;
  • The drug is not intended for animals whose body weight does not reach a minimum of 2.25 kg;
  • "Bravecto" is not given to puppies that have not yet reached 8 months old;
  • Do not give the drug to dogs that suffer from chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder.

Side effects

Have a number of side effects of pills against ticksfor the dogs "Braveto". Dog breeders' comments suggest that pets often experience adverse effects, much more terrible than the producer indicates. Nevertheless, while we list the side effects specified in the instructions:

  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • increased salivation;
  • loss of appetite.

If within two hours after taking the drugthe dog vomited, then, most likely, the body did not take the medicine, that is, she did not receive the promised protection against fleas and ticks. If this happens, do not try to feed the animal again with the Braveto tablet. It will be better to choose some other, more suitable drug.

It is allowed to use "Braveto" together with anthelmintics, anti-block collars, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroids.

When an overdose in dogs, there is a depressed state and a decrease in appetite. However, these symptoms must pass by themselves.

Promises of manufacturers

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Now let's talk about those pluses on whichaccentuates the buyer's attention the manufacturer of the means "Braveco" (a tablet from ticks). Reviews dog breeders and veterinarians in this respect do not always agree with the opinion of the manufacturer, which can be read below.

So, Intervet reports that the drug acts very quickly:

  • after 4 hours, fleas begin to die, with which the dog is already infected;
  • after 8 hours, 97% of the fleas die;
  • after 12 hours, 100% of the fleas die;
  • in addition, the drug is effective for the treatment of flea dermatitis;
  • the drug acts on all types of ixodid ticks;
  • After 4 hours after taking the pill 88% of mites die, and after 12 hours - 99%.

The following advantages of the drug are also highlighted:

  • mites die before the start of nutrition;
  • blood-parasites die regardless of the place of their attachment to the skin;
  • Ticks lack immunity to the drug, and it can not develop over time.

The main emphasis of the manufacturer makes the speed of action of the drug - only 12 hours. Other preparations of this action usually require 18 to 48 hours.

"Braveco" tablets: reviews of veterinarians

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When the drug has just appeared, many veterinariansbegan to actively recommend the "Bravecto", arguing this is its effectiveness. However, gradually, when the owners of dogs began to bring their pets with poisonings and other side effects that occur after taking the drug, specialists changed their minds. It turned out that "Bravecto" can seriously damage the health of the dog and even cause a fatal outcome.

As for foreign veterinarians, whofamiliar with the drug much longer, then most of them opposed its use. The fact is that the research data provided by the manufacturer turned out to be controversial. So, for example, comparing the internal organs of healthy dogs and subjects, the manufacturer paid attention to their weight, and not to the concentration of toxic substances and the integrity of tissues. In addition, even during the tests, deaths were recorded, which does not increase confidence in Braveto. Thus, according to experts, the drug is not yet fully understood, besides there is no evidence of how it can affect the animal organism in the future.

What do dog owners like?

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Nevertheless, there are fans of tabletsBraveto. Testimonials indicate that the drug really helps protect the pet from fleas, ticks and the diseases that cause these bloodparasites. Many dog ​​owners note that their animals have tolerated the drug completely, there have been no side effects and complications.

Among the advantages noted convenience - "Bravecto" does not have to be applied to the skin as a drop or put on and watch, so that the animal does not accidentally lose it as a collar.

"Bravecto" with demodectic: reviews

The question of whether "Bravecto"demodicosis, arises, because the instructions to the drug were not originally prescribed, that it is intended for the treatment of this disease. However, gradually the veterinarians began to prescribe it, and it became clear that the medicine was effective against this disease.

Thus, I have proved very wellagainst Demodekoz "Braveto". Reviews dog breeders in this regard are mostly positive. So, it is noted that all the symptoms of the disease passed in the dog 4 days after taking the pill. And there are almost no reviews of the fact that the drug could not cope with demodicosis.

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Negative feedback

There are many negative opinions,concerning "Braveto" from ticks. Reviews, in particular, indicate the ineffectiveness of the drug against the fight just with ticks. There are cases when a parasite digs into the skin of a dog and has time to infect it. This is due to the fact that the drug begins to act only after the insect has already absorbed into the skin, so the infection can penetrate the blood before the "Bravekto" kills the parasite. With fleas such problems do not arise, since they are not carriers of serious diseases.

However, this is not the worst thing that is being talked aboutowners. There were cases of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract after taking the drug, for example, acute gastritis, pancreatitis, reflux esophagitis. Some dogs had problems with the gallbladder and liver.

Dog owners write that pets startedvomiting after taking "Braveto", in the urine appeared mucus, blood. Especially a lot of negative feedback can be heard from owners of small breed dogs and puppies. There were cases when the animal opened up vomiting and diarrhea, and even vets could not stop them, because there is still no antidote that completely neutralizes the effect of the drug.

It can be concluded that Braveto is completelydifferently affects the body of dogs. However, do not give the drug if your pet is weakened or has any problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, there may be side effects and in completely healthy dogs, which also should not be forgotten.

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