Today, the leading positions among similarThe bicycle "Formula" takes the goods. In its arsenal, the brand has over 50 models of vehicles. This product belongs to the budget segment of bicycles, which are of excellent quality, excellent characteristics and incredible strength.

Briefly about the brand

bicycle formula
The bicycle "Formula" has Asian roots, butdesign development, assembly and assembly take place in Ukraine. Thanks to this, all products of the company are stylish, modern and inexpensive. The brand has gained popularity not only in the Ukrainian open spaces, but also far beyond their borders. Every year in the assortment of the company there are new, more perfect and attractive models.

The main advantages of the trademark are availability, functionality and reliability.

Positive aspects of this company's bicycles

  • Stylish and bright design.
  • Professional painting of products.
  • The highest quality frames.
  • A huge range of bicycles and color solutions.
  • Application of attachments and other components from world famous manufacturers.
  • The warranty period is 12 months.

bicycle formula 3

Who are the brand's bikes oriented to?

It should be noted that the best optionvehicle for daily use will be the bicycle "Formula" in any of its modifications. They are designed for both adults and children. The vehicle is amazingly suitable for both rugged and urban areas due to its excellent depreciation and a sufficient number of high-speed modes.

Children's bicycle line

The brand can be proud of the widest rangevehicles for toddlers and teenagers. The most popular in this category are vehicles with a wheel size of 16 to 20 inches. Bicycles that are aimed at the younger children's category have additional training wheels with fastening on the rear fork. Thanks to this decision of the manufacturer, it will be quite easy for a child to learn the basics of riding a bicycle. Comfortable for babies will be such a feature as a low frame, which makes it easy to fit. Each product is equipped with an asterisk protection, which prevents foreign objects from entering. Additional convenience creates an anatomical seat on a spring basis. Bicycle "Formula", designed for children of older age, is equipped with wheels measuring 20 inches, suspension of both forks.

For the smallest passengers the companyhas developed a separate model. Tricycle "Formula" has inflatable rubber wheels with bearings, is equipped with a handle for parents, a bumper and a visor from the sun.

Adult brand bikes

Vehicles of the adult category areThe most popular in off-road and urban interpretation. In the option for riding on asphalt tracks there is no suspension. The damping properties in this case are due to pneumatic tires. The bicycle "Formula" of this line is equipped with wheels with a minimum number of protectors, which practically do not have rolling resistance. Bicycles with the function of SUVs are equipped with large wings, which help to get out "dry out of the water" during the rain. Adult vehicle models have an excellent braking system. The company also released female bicycle models that have an understated frame design for a comfortable fit.

Favorite of the market - the bicycle "Formula 3" tricycle

bicycle formula 3 three-wheeled

And again about the children's branch. Such a vehicle, like the Formula 3 bicycle, has won recognition from customers and is very popular due to its stylish design, functionality and democratic value. This vehicle has a steel frame and inflatable wheels, equipped with bearings, which provide a soft ride. For the convenience of parents there is a removable pen. Additional comfort for the kid provides a comfortable visor, a headrest for sleeping and a step with the function of folding. The bicycle is designed for children from 1 to 3 years. This three-wheeled vehicle will perfectly replace the stroller and will create excellent conditions for the baby's walk.

Price policy

Bicycle "Formula" is an exampleavailability, as evidenced by its cost, which varies from 5 250 to 7 500 rubles. Based on the excellent quality indicators and the price category, it can be concluded that this means of transportation is accessible to any category of the population.

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