Exot cat first appeared in the sixties inUnited States, where it was registered under the standard "short-haired Persian silver-colored." It was obtained as a result of mixing the breeds of American Shorthair and Persian cats.

Outwardly cats exotic almost matchThe standards adopted for Persian cats. Namely: they have a wide stocky body with thick paws, short and thick straight tail, round big eyes. But their wool is different: it is shiny, dense, short and lagging behind the torso, just like soft plush toys, while it costs a hedgehog, making a head round, similar to a tennis ball.

But even with such an exteriors, the cat exot retains its cat's grace, which does not fit in with a funny thick-cheeked face. Maybe that's why this breed was called that way.

Exot cat is the perfect homeanimals. He is calm, gentle, balanced and affectionate, gets on well with children, with other animals. He has an even, quiet disposition and no inclination for destruction.

Light and sociable nature of this exotic cat allows her to get along perfectly well in the house from any age. She has been very playful for a long time, even in old age.

Of all the existing cat breeds, only she took all the best from her so different ancestors.

Very responsive to people and many inherenta person to emotions, from Persians this breed inherited a sociable and very gentle temperament. Her short-haired blood made this cat even more fun and inquisitive than her thoroughbred American relatives.

Many interesting stories are known about medicinesabilities of this amazing animal. It is boundlessly devoted to a person, and therefore protects and cures it of ailments, as far as its feline powers and abilities permit.

These plush and clumsy koloboks are also distinguished by their cleverness and intelligence. They are smart and easy to train.

Caring for a cat exotic, as well as for other breeds, is not easy.

To begin with, it should be recalled that these cats molt, like all the others. Their short and acicular wool remains everywhere: on the couch, on the armchair, on clothes, on the floor, etc.

Successfully fight this scourge perhaps twoways: with the help of washing and with the help of combing. In the warm summer time, veterinarians recommend water procedures every two months, while in winter less often - once every three months. But despite the fact that water procedures greatly facilitate the life of both the owner and the cat, saving the animal from excess wool, and the owner - from unnecessary domestic troubles, it must be remembered that the exot cat, like other animals with very short noses, is prone to colds .

Comb out this breed as needed, withthis during moulting - every day. Lovers of exotic cats know that combing such a teddy bear is not even easy. This procedure is carried out in several stages and special scallops. First, comb from the roots, lifting the tips of the hair, then a special brush - for the growth of hair.

Because of the unusual structure of the skull, exotic cats need extra eye care: even if they have no vision problems, they must be wiped.

The daily duties of the owners include also carefor this cat after every meal. And especially this issue concerns light animals, because otherwise they will yellow hair. And since the muzzle of the exotic cats is flat, the food residues usually settle on the chin. They need to be cleaned with cotton wool soaked in water.

In food, the cat exot is unconcerned: he eats both dry food and natural products. Unlike other breeds, the stomach of an exotic cat is good for milk, but not shop, but fresh rustic.

Observing all these rules, over time, the owner will receive in his house a cat that will become for him a true friend, and maybe the best.

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