About the benefits of meat products for a growing organismthe baby does not even make sense to talk about - everyone knows about it. This product, enriched with protein, is necessary for the child as the main building material. Since the process of formation of the organism of breast crust proceeds at an accelerated rate, protein substances for the growth of tissues and cells are needed especially. But not all mothers know how to introduce meat into the baby's lure and what to choose: store canned foods in the baby food department or cooked first dishes for crumbs.

When can I add meat to an infant?

It is only necessary to start talking about meat lureswhen the child has mastered carbohydrate and vegetable food well enough. As a rule, fruit and vegetable purees are the first products in their life that kids try within a half-year's age. Almost at the same time, moms inject milk powder into the diet of their favorite children.

On how to introduce meat into lure, it should beto think about 1.5-2 months after the first feeding of the baby with an "adult" product (whether it's apple puree or buckwheat porridge). In most cases, this occurs closer to the age of eight months of infants. By this time, the baby's gastrointestinal tract will be developed sufficiently to cope with the digestion of meat. In some cases (but, rather, as an exception), the doctor may prescribe meat puree to the baby and before 7-8 months of age.

how to introduce meat into lure

In particular, with anemia and expressed signs of rickets, this product is recommended to be introduced into the lure by half a year. Sometimes this applies to children who are not breastfed.

What kind of meat should be first?

The first meat lure is an exciting and alarming onea moment for any mom. Many women worry, fearing that the baby will not like this product, but it is so necessary for its full growth and development. Therefore, the choice of the main ingredient must be approached responsibly.

On routine examinations, pediatricians usuallyinstruct mother in terms of making a menu for the baby. They also say which meat is best introduced into the lure first. The most hypoallergenic alternative is a turkey or rabbit. This is probably known to many.

meat puree

If such a meat puree does not please the baby, then in the absence of allergic reactions and other contraindications, you can offer beef or veal to the crumb.

Beef and chicken meat for children: apply with caution!

It is worth paying attention to the fact thatthe presence of a lactose intolerance in a child's anamnesis in almost 100% of cases leads to an allergy to cow meat. The most important thing is to use only low-fat meat for making baby purees, so lamb and pork are recommended for consumption only after a year.

As for chicken, the majorityexperts advise parents to refrain from including this product in the diet of an infant. Especially it is undesirable to give his baby as the first meat complementary food. The presence of chemical and hormonal substances in the chicken, aimed at speedy growth and weight gain by the bird, will get together with the meat dish into the baby's body.

The size of meat portions for the baby

How to introduce meat into the lure, and how muchis it necessary to give it to a crumb? This issue also deserves attention. Again referring to the recommendations of pediatricians, it is important to note that the optimal amount of meat for the baby at the beginning is half a teaspoon.

children's menu per year

If during the first week of consumptionmeat no side effects will not be revealed, then next week its number can be doubled. On average, by the age of 8 months, a child should receive about 30 grams of meat daily. By 12 months this volume should be doubled.

At the same time, not all babies like proteinproducts. If the meat does not have to taste the baby, you can try to "deceive" it by stirring half a teaspoon of mashed potatoes with vegetables or breast milk. Behind the reaction, crumbs should be closely monitored in the first couple of weeks. If no allergic manifestations, no disorders on the part of the gastrointestinal tract is found, you can confidently move forward with a further scheme of introducing complementary foods.

Means for cooking meat for crumbs

They can not but interest the recommendation that,how to cook mashed potatoes. There is nothing complicated in this process, and even a mother who does not know the secrets of culinary wisdom will cope with it. At the age of 7 to 23 months, it is advisable to give only boiled meat, ground in puree. The cooking time takes no more than an hour. Cook a small piece of meat should be at least 40-50 minutes. A little chilled piece should be passed through a meat grinder.

A child's menu per year can include steamcutlets. It is extremely important to pay attention to the fact that any meat dish prepared for crumbs can not be stored in the refrigerator. If the baby is not finished, leave the food "for later" is not necessary.

with how much to introduce meat into the lure

Preparation of meat for an infant inthe quality of complementary foods should be made according to various recipes. Even if the baby with the hunter is eating the cooked mashed potatoes for both cheeks, do not let them get hung up on one thing. You can improvise, including in a dish and porridge, and vegetables.

Is it possible to give the baby canned meat?

Undoubtedly, the best and most useful dish forcrumbs will be meat puree, cooked by caressing affectionate mother's hands. However, with all the desire, she may not always have the opportunity and time for cooking. Situations are very different: both the trip, and the disease, and the second baby. In this case, to the aid will come canned meat for baby food.

To date, it is not difficult to purchase such a saving jar for many mothers.

canned meat for baby food

The real problem lies in its choice, because there are plenty of manufacturers of canned children, but which of them guarantee the quality of the contents in the package?

How to choose the right canned food in the department of baby food?

In order not to be mistaken when choosing baby meat puree, it is worth paying attention to such details:

  1. The degree of grinding of meat: it must be ground, do not contain any particles, lumps.
  2. Ingredients: Homogenized puree without any additives will be the ideal solution. If you want to mix with vegetables, you can do it at home.
  3. Shelf life: the fresher, the better.

Storage of canned meat

In addition, having opened canned food and using onlyhalf a teaspoon, the jar can be placed in the refrigerator and stored for no more than a day. Before feeding, it is advisable to heat the puree not in a microwave oven, but in a water bath. The reviews of many moms suggest that canned meat is great for adding to hot dishes. The broth on their basis turns out satisfying and tasty.

Any kind of complementary foods, including. and meat, must be administered crumbs with caution. The kid should be absolutely healthy, do not have problems with the stool and the digestive organs. In this case, the first meat puree will only benefit him and like it to taste.

What to do with the broth, is it useful to crumbs?

Reasoning about how to introduce meat into the lure, notcaution should be avoided. Many doctors agree that the absorption of protein in the body of the child should be preceded by the use of meat broth. Thus, without difficulty, you can prepare the baby's gastrointestinal tract to digest a fairly heavy and unfamiliar product. It is necessary to start with 1-2 spoons, gradually increasing, and after a couple of weeks the baby can be given 2-3 tablespoons of meat broth.

However, in this case, too, to lower the eye from the crumbsit is impossible. In some cases, the introduction of broth into the baby's diet was accompanied by the appearance of a diathesis rash on the cheeks. With a similar development of the allergic reaction, meat lure should be postponed for a while. Replace the broth can be ordinary vegetable soups.

The opposite opinion about the broth for the child

However, about the use of an infantmeat broths, there is another, no less grounded position. In particular, some doctors insist that such a liquid can be given to the crumb only after the meat supplement. The broth contains all the trace elements that could be "stuffed" with meat. Veal should also be cautiously given to the baby, so the broth is best cooked twice. Boiled meat and refined broth have less risk for the baby. Salt the boiled dish is necessary in the last place.

how to cook mashed potatoes

Before introducing meat into the lure, it is necessary toobserve the state and behavior of the child. Despite the fact that the nutritional value of meat broth is small, there are many substances in its composition that serve as stimulants for the processes of digesting food. The baby can develop an appetite, so it is better to give the broth, for example, before vegetable purée.

How to teach a baby to chew food?

The menu of the child per year, in contrast to the nutrition scheme8-month-old baby, should contain much less grinded food. The same applies to meat. The child especially needs to get a load for the gums and cutting through the milk teeth. Gradually the puree food should be replaced by more dense in consistency dishes.

veal meat

Meat, of course, refers to a similar category of products. It will help the crumb prepare the chewing muscles.

In conclusion

Meat dishes for the child is irreplaceablea source of vitamins of group A and B, proteins, fats and easily digestible iron. As already mentioned, 7-8 months is the optimal period for acquaintance of the baby with meat dishes. Together with vegetables or cereal porridge receives a full meal, containing the nutritional value necessary for his body.

At the same age, children often start givingliver. If you choose between pork, beef and chicken, you should choose beef liver. It is considered the most useful and enriched with proteins, iron and vitamins. With a low level of hemoglobin in the blood in infants, the liver is an indispensable product for consumption.

If the baby liked the meat, hurry and rejoicehis meat mashed potatoes are not needed every day. To begin with, it will be enough to introduce lure 1-2 times during the week. Having given the child one of the types of meat, you can give another one. The main thing is to follow the allergic reaction to this or that dish. Therefore, a lot of meat at a time to give the baby can not. A year-old baby can eat up to 80 grams of meat at a time.

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