In the period of bearing the baby most of the futuremoms note that to exacerbate chronic "sores" can add and new, previously unknown to them ailments. The most common and often occurring ailment in women in the position is hemorrhoids. This is a rather unpleasant and discomforting companion to pregnancy.

Often in the beginning, hemorrhoids do not make themselves felt anddoes not appear, so a woman does not even suspect about it due to the absence of any symptoms. At the end of some time a woman has some pain and discomfort, and a burning sensation in the anus. When the hemorrhoids are trapped, or in cases of acute inflammation, bleeding occurs.

In the presence of the above symptomsit is necessary to immediately seek help from a specialist (surgeon). Most often pregnant women are discharged rectal suppositories "Natalsid". Candles during pregnancy are absolutely safe not only for the health of the mother, but also for her future baby. In addition, it should be noted that they can be used during lactation.

Candles "Natalside" are rectal suppositories, which very effectively cope with anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

The drug is made from a natural polysaccharide, which, in turn, is obtained from brown algae. Then the polysaccharide is combined with the base.

Use candles "Natalside" in pregnancyvery convenient. The active substances that make up them, getting straight into the rectum, are absorbed much more quickly and have a faster therapeutic effect. The use of Natalside candles during pregnancy significantly reduces the workload of the internal organs and the risk of allergies.

Candles have anti-inflammatory effect, hemostatic and wound healing effect. Getting into the rectum, they mix with the feces, which facilitates the act of defecation.

Are candles "Natalside" safe during pregnancy?

Suppositories are absolutely safe at any time,as well as during breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that the composition of the drug includes natural components that have an effective but at the same time soft action and eliminate the inflammatory process, stopping pain.

How correctly to apply rectal candles "Natalside" during pregnancy?

Candles are introduced after spontaneous defecation inrectum. In the event that a pregnant woman suffers from constipation, you should make a cleansing enema and only after that insert a suppository. The duration of treatment on average is from one to two weeks. The candle is administered twice a day, every 12 hours.

The success of treatment also depends on complianceelementary rules of intimate hygiene. During the exacerbation of the disease after each emptying it is recommended to wash the area of ​​the anus with warm running water.

It should be noted that in the case of prolonged (more than ten days) use of the drug, allergy may occur.

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