niblir what is it
The market of children's goods pleases moms appearancean interesting and useful device for feeding small children. It was called the "nibble". "What is this?" You ask. The accessory for feeding consists of a reticulum, the ergonomic handle specially developed for small hands, and also a ring providing reliable fixation of a bag on the handle.

This is a simple, hygienically safe device, withby his help the baby learns to chew the pieces of food. Mom while this can be completely calm. Chewing fruits and vegetables through a special strainer, the baby will never choke, and a reliable fastening of the nibler will not allow the child to pull the contents of the net outside. It is used in the transition from breastfeeding to complementary foods, when it becomes necessary to teach the child how to properly chew solid foods.

Convenience and benefit in one accessory!

So, we learned about the nibble the following: how the device is arranged, and when they should be used. But in addition to purely practical benefits for mothers, this accessory teaches a lot to the baby. When chewing the nibler, the child has an excellent gum training, blood circulation improves, which promotes the development of a healthy dental system. It is irreplaceable even with teething, replacing ordinary rodents.

Niblar - what is this from a security standpoint?

The mesh of the device is made of strong nylon, itsit is very easy to wash and wash (you need to do this after each use), but it's not easy to break and gnaw through. As it wears, you can find on sale replacement netting containers and replace them with old ones. The fixing ring is snug enough and keeps the mesh in place.

Such devices are made of shock-resistantfood plastic, so that even if the baby throws the nibble on the floor, it will not split. You can erase grids with both hands and in a washing machine or even a dishwasher.

silicone niblery

Application features

Here I would like to tell parents whointerested in the nibble, at what age can it be used, and for what products it is intended. As a rule, pieces of fruit and vegetables are offered to the baby from the age of 6 months. At an earlier age, you can put the bread in the nibble. What kind of product is this, the child often already knows, but the mesh does not miss the crumbs, so that the baby does not choke.

First of all, give preference to thoseproducts that you already gave earlier, but in the form of mashed potatoes. It can be an apple, carrots, banana and other vegetables and fruits. In the period of teething, you can offer your baby frozen or chilled berries, it will help to naturally remove pain, swelling and remove discomfort.

how to use a nibble

Which niblar to choose?

Even in the days of our great-grandmothers there werethe first analogs of these devices. Naturally, women made them independently from cloth, gauze, bandage, and this invention was called not the term "nibler". How did they do it? In a piece of dense matter, they put pre-chewed food, tied it and gave it to the baby.

In the modern world, the essence of such an interestingapproach to the introduction of solid foods preserved, but the very form of the nibler has undergone great changes. These devices differ not only in the shape of the handle, but also in the material from which the strainer is made. Models with a classic handle of the child will be easy and convenient to hold. They, as a rule, have a rubberized or rippled non-slip surface.

which nibler is better
Pen-ring, in addition to the development of a graspingreflex (which, incidentally, contributes to the nibler with a straight handle), it is convenient for fixing this accessory in the crib of the child, on the child's chair, stroller and so on. Many models come complete with a protective cap that protects the mesh from contamination during storage or in case of accidental falling on a dirty surface (floor, ground, grass).

We choose the material

In addition to nylon, you can see on sale andSilicone niblery. The material from which it is made, does not cause allergies, has no taste and smell, it is easy to wash under a stream of warm water. Thanks to such properties, the product became quite popular, and many mothers decided to purchase this particular model. Sets of nylon over time darken, and it is difficult enough to restore their original appearance. In this case, it is recommended to simply replace them. Silicone parts do not have this feature, but it will be more difficult to find a replacement for them.

what is niblery for feeding
If you want to get more practicalinformation about the niblir, reviews about its various models should be carefully studied. But, despite the convenience for parents, the decision about which niblery best to choose, you need to take based on the wishes of the baby. Do not forget that first of all this device should like him.

Thinness at purchase

nibble at what age
Material and handle are not a complete listfeatures. It is necessary to be able to select a nibble and in accordance with the age of the child. How to do it right? Be sure to inspect the packaging and read the recommendations for use, ask the seller to show you the size of the mesh. If it is small and oblong, it means that the nibler (silicone or nylon) is designed for children up to 8-12 months old.

For babies from year to year the mesh container hasmore round shape and a larger size, it has large enough holes. Of course, the recommended age is often indicated on the package, but in order to avoid trouble, we do not recommend buying a device blindly, without considering it in detail. Do not be lazy before you go to the cash register, find out where the nibble is made, at what age it can be offered to a child.

Children - the best!

nibler reviews
Pay attention to the brand, and oncountry of origin. Do not buy products of little-known firms and Chinese companies. Ask yourself, buying a cheap nibble: "What kind of quality is this?" Will the accessory be truly safe and durable? If you doubt this, consider other options, albeit more expensive ones.

To date, the original products of suchplan release 2-3 companies. The most expensive and high-quality niblery is offered by the firm "Nubi" (Nuby). Similar products, but in a more affordable price range, are in the assortment of the Russian company Mir Detstva, specializing in the production of various children's products.

Many parents pay attention to the availability ofreplaceable nets. They can both be in the kit with the nibble, and be sold separately. When purchasing a spare set of reticulums, also look at the age for which it is intended. But if you buy the device for the first time and do not yet know how the child will react to it, do not rush to spend money on a set of components.

How to use and store the device correctly?

How to use the niblery? This accessory is very easy to use.

  1. After you bought the nibble and brought home, open the package and divide the device into separate parts.
  2. Each part should be thoroughly rinsed in a warmwater with baby soap or special cleaning products intended for children's dishes. Do not use any other solutions for these purposes!
  3. Rinse the nibler in running water, make sure there are no detergent residues left on it.
  4. In addition, rinse all parts with clean boiled water. Nibler is ready for use.
  5. Cut pieces of fruit or vegetables, put them in a mesh and fix it on the handle with a ring.
  6. After that, you can offer a nibble to the child. He will be able to independently hold and gnaw fruit as an adult!
  7. After the contents of the mesh end, and the baby stops chewing, take the nibler.
  8. Before cleaning the appliance, it is recommended to disassemble it completely. Process each component, as already mentioned above. Mesh and details are dried and stored in the same way as other children's dishes.

Never leave your baby with a nibble unattended! Juice or saliva can cause choking. Niblar - not a toy! Do not give it to your child for entertainment purposes.

So, we have in detail told, that such a nibblefor feeding, how to use it, and for children of what age it will be needed. This accessory has already firmly become part of the everyday life of young mothers. Why? Applying a nibble, you leave yourself a little bit of free time, and the child gives pleasure to the fact that he independently gets to know the taste of natural products.

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