The way of life of a person for the last 50 yearshas changed beyond recognition. Advertising is everywhere around us, posters. The renovation of the house requires a unique project, and public facilities provide the visitor with maximum comfort and coziness. All this is done by the hands of talented and hard-working people who have devoted themselves to the most interesting profession - the designer. But even they are different - clothes, landscapes, interior, graphics and even 3D-specialists. And if there are work days, there must be a professional holiday! September 9 marks the Day of the designer in Russia and CIS countries. It is also called the Day of Web Design, but the congratulation of graphic designers is especially frequent, as this holiday was celebrated on the day of the 50th anniversary of their colleague Vladimir Borisovich Chaika in 2005.

Day of the designer

Graphic design in history

Graphics appeared as soon as a person becamedecorate cave walls with paintings and make rock paintings, developed along with book printing in the states of the East, but became an independent science only in the twentieth century.

Japan, Switzerland, the USA and Poland have createdown graphic schools. Graphic design in Russia began to flourish along with the works of Russian constructivists. Geometric, photographic, slightly angular style preferred simple colors - black, red, gray and white. In all its glory, it manifested itself in military and postwar posters. Today, graphics is developing so rapidly in Russia that it has penetrated everywhere: advertising, packaging of products, registration of political campaigns surround us everywhere, and Russian specialists are in demand in the graphic design market and receive world awards. The brightest representative of them was the academician of the Academy of Graphic Design, the president of the Russian group of the Alliance Graphique Internationale club Vladimir Chaika, whose birthday and Designer's Day coincide.

Day of the designer in Russia

Who are Graphic Designers?

The perpetrators of the celebrations differ from their colleaguesartists with tools of labor: they do not use canvas and brushes, instead they have a computer mouse in their hands, a monitor is in front of their eyes, and a huge arsenal of special programs is at their disposal. Professionals of their business have excellent taste, artistic talent and creative thinking, which are always welcomed in advertising agencies, publishing houses and software development. Interesting and difficult work is not only in demand, but also worthily paid for. Their goal is not only to create a beautiful picture, but also to achieve their goals: to sell, teach, attract attention. It was in honor of such high professionals that the Day of Designer Graphics was established.

Graphic Designer's Day

April 29 - Day of Interior Designer

There are many directions in design art, and the premise is far from the last in the list of workplaces of these specialists. Since 2011, April 29 is celebrated as the Day of the Interior Designer.

At all times the room reflects its purposeor the identity of the one who lives in it. The decorated tombs of the ancient Egyptians, the monumental castles of the Middle Ages, the beautiful Renaissance palaces up to the present day preserved the works of those who today would be called interior designers. Today, the professional serves as a conductor of human ideas, helps to choose the best way of their embodiment in harmony of color and form using the most modern materials and technologies. This is not only a fashionable profession, but also everyday work in a highly competitive environment, because the contact details of proven professionals are handed over from hand to hand. These people combine the skills of an artist, draftsman and 3D programmer with a subtle taste and sociability. By their labor they deserve a professional holiday April 29 - Day of the interior designer.

Day of interior designer

How to celebrate a professional holiday

On the Day of the designer is traditionally heldthematic exhibitions, conferences, excursions and presentations. After all, in this rapidly developing and rapidly growing industry it is so important to be an actual, successful and creative specialist. Therefore, it is not enough time to rest at the pencil and monitor workers, it will be successfully replaced by self-development and aspiration to the heights of skill. But despite this, on the Day of the designer, many organize corporate events in cafes and restaurants, during which they exchange news, discuss new projects, and simply play exciting logic games.

Graphics pour into reality

Alternative Holidays

On the web, you can find messages that 13June is celebrated the Summer Day of the designer, and on December 3 celebrate the professional holiday of the 3D-master. It does not matter that until October 9 and April 29 are not marked red in the calendar as Designer Day in Russia and are not legislated. They show the independence of design as a field of science, culture and creativity, confirm the importance of the role of these specialists in the life of society.

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