In the world of girls, dolls and toy horses alsoharmoniously fit like pins, rings, ribbons and ribbons. These are not only objects of leisure, but also a visual aid through which the girl develops the character and manner of behavior. It is women's sensitivity and natural care for others that are favored by such cute and cute toys.

Wonderful horses

pony dolls
Recently, the hearts of little girlssubdued graceful pony-dolls created after the popular animated series "My Little Pony". In the fabulous town of Ponyville, where ponies, unicorns, pegasuses live, various instructive situations and "real" adventures take place. Cartoon is kind and sincere, that's why I like small children and their parents. The main characters are colorful little horses with big eyes and funny hairstyles.

Toy manufacturers often seek to recreatein their production of the heroes of the favorite animated films. So the pony-dolls pleased the little princesses, being in reality on the shelves of stores. Horses are made with love and imagination. Their big eyes, long-haired manes and long claws will surely appeal to girls, and in some cases even replace ordinary dolls. They can also be taken for a walk, taken care of, laid to sleep.

They are loved by children and parents

cute pony dolls
Affectionate pony-dolls answer andparental requirements: are safe from the point of view of the lack of small details. In addition, they raise a future woman in the girl: from a long tail and manes you can make fashionable braids and decorate them with rubber bands. Some toys are sold in a set with special combs - accessories for horse hair.

Manufacturers have tried to glory and dida toy for every taste: it can be a pony doll with accessories, a swimming pool, a set of "Pony with the family." Each toy model almost does not differ from its cartoon analogue and has a remarkable character. Despite the mischief in them, they are obedient and kind. It's a pleasure to play with them, especially as you can play various scenes from a cartoon or invent other stories yourself.

"Entertainment" for toys

pony doll pictures
Wonderful dolls "Lovely Ponies" can live inown house, have your own carriage and ride on sleds - depending on which attribute your daughter will choose for her. By the way, horses like entertainment: carousels, swings, "American" slides, which are present in a toy park of attractions. Unsurprisingly, if your girl will enjoy playing with charming horses and ask to buy more and more.

Together with her daughter, you can collect a whole collection ofthe title "My favorite pony-dolls." Photo with such a collection put in the family photo catalog and leave it to memory. Pupae will eventually lose their former appearance, and perhaps they will become confused. But in the picture forever will remain the same cute and funny. How nice it will be for an adult daughter to flick through a family photo album and stumble upon a photo with her favorite toys.

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