A pillow for feeding a child is not only a pleasant and convenient accessory, but also a basic necessity that is acquired even during pregnancy and then enjoyed for many years.

In the first months of the baby's life the feeding takesa decent part of the time. At the same time, it is necessary to properly apply the baby, raising it to the level of the breast. Raising the baby to the required height can be done with a folded blanket, a few sofa cushions, your own knees, but using a special pillow will allow the mother to be more free in movements. In addition, you will not tire your back and stretch the skin on your chest.

You can make simple calculations: for one feeding takes up to half an hour, and during the day a woman can spend more than four hours. And, of course, I would like to give myself some time to the nursing mother. So, here's a pillow for feeding and will lift the baby to the level of the chest and during the application will release the hands. In addition, the device will make it possible to relieve the muscles of the back, neck and hands, since it will be easy enough to hold the child with one hand, and it will not be necessary, as in the old way, to raise your legs and bend over.

Free hands will make many differentAffairs: read, tie, paint, check mail at the computer, play with another child and perform many more useful work for which you do not need to move, and enough will be one free hand.

Particularly needed pillow for feeding moms,in which the baby eats slowly and in plenty. After all, such children can take more than half an hour. The use of the device is that little children like to lie on the pillow rather than lying on the weight, because the baby can relax and feel the support under him. And for twins, a pillow for feeding is simply necessary, since the time for children will be twice as much.

Today, many different pillows are sold, withdifferent forms, fillers, cases, pillow cases. And not all of them are well thought out and convenient. Firstly, this subject must be of sufficient height to allow the toddler to lie comfortably in front of the chest. This feature should pay attention to mothers with a small breast size. In addition, the pillow must have sufficient density, so that the child can not sink into it and at the same time does not roll down.

Very convenient when on the subject for feedingThere is a special clasp that allows you to fix the pillow on the female waist. A valuable addition will be the presence of a cover with a zipper, which will enable a quick change of pillowcases.

Many manufacturers produce pillows thatintended for use during pregnancy. So, a pillow for pregnant women and feeding can be used both for comfortable sleep and rest, and for supporting the growing belly of the future mother. It will be an excellent assistant to perform the massage, you can put your feet on it to reduce fatigue and relieve swelling. The pillow for pregnant women can take the form of a boomerang, bagel or banana to provide the woman with the greatest comfort.

They can be put on the baby's belly, which will allowopen for the child an interesting good overview, as well as relieve the burden from the hands and back. Children will be happy to lie in a soft nest and quickly fall asleep. Pillows for nursing and pregnant women have many functions. These products will be good restrictors, they can be imposed on a child - and he can not roll off the bed, and when sleeping together with the baby, a pillow can be placed between the parent and the newborn. Grown up children also like to lie around and sleep on such pads.

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