For every family, the birth of a baby is a commotionnot only during mother's pregnancy, but also after childbirth. At once there is a question what to put on the child, that to it it was not cold, but warmly and cozy. Of course, this should be taken care of even before the birth of the baby and be prepared to respond to problems on all fronts.

cocoons for newborns

One of the most convenient and practical things forbaby are cocoons for newborns. They are needed not only for discharge from the maternity hospital, but also for everyday use. This cute and practical thing is a very necessary attribute for any kid. Envelope-cocoon for newborns you can choose and in color, and in drawing, and in form, as the choice in the modern market of children's goods is very diverse. It is important to worry in advance about purchasing an accessory for your child, as usually aftercare and care of the baby does not allow you to go to the store.

 envelope cocoon for newborns

There are several types that are divided intococoons for newborns. Everyone can choose exactly what is right for him. Summer envelopes for newborns are sewn from cotton fabrics, for sewing winter, warm envelopes are used mixed fabrics, because they are denser and easier to wear off. Such necessary things can not only be bought, but also sewed to order or sewed / bound by yourself, since there is nothing complicated in this.

Modern developers came up with a very convenientThe thing is a mattress-cocoon for newborns, the baby in it takes a natural pose, like in the womb of the mother. Hangers, back slightly rounded, and it feels comfortable. This position of the child reduces the risk of increased muscle tone. Such cocoons for newborns allow the child's head to always be in the right position. The baby in such a device for sleeping and rest feels calm and is not afraid to fall. Also it can be moved from place to place, and your baby will always be in front of your eyes.

 mattress cocoon for newborns

In addition, it has a favorable effect on the workheart and lungs, normalizes sleep. Such a mattress can be used for up to six months, until the baby is still tossing around. For insurance, such cocoons for newborns have in their complete set a special belt, which secures the child. He does not crush the baby, allows him to keep in a safe position.

Cocoons for newborns are generally indispensablea thing for sleeping a child, because it is revealed. To prevent this from happening, special means for fastening with Velcro are invented. The baby is "packed", everything is closed: handles, legs, and back.

Among such devices are released as summer,both winter and winter versions, they are hygroscopic, they perfectly allow the air to circulate. They maintain the temperature balance and the necessary humidity level at any time of the year. This provides your child with protection from freezing or overheating. Remember that your child deserves only the best. Your task is to provide it with everything you need. In addition, modern envelopes for the baby are not only beautiful, but also convenient and safe for health.

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