People living in the Ryazan region who havepets, most likely face the following problem: to which vet to apply to get vaccinated? Where to carry out sterilization of your favorite cat or what veterinary clinic of Ryazan best takes care of the pet?

veterinary clinic of Ryazan

Services of the veterinary clinic "Snow leopard"

One of the best is "Snowleopard "- a veterinary clinic. Ryazan can be proud of it. The hospital for pets offers a full range of services: from vaccination to surgery. There is also a large selection of medicines and pet food.

Rarely can anyone take care of fluffy pets better than graduates who take in the Snow Leopard. Here the animal will be made and ultrasound, and an electrocardiogram, if necessary, even a blood test.

Employees try to keep up with the times andto provide services of the highest quality, meeting the modern level of veterinary science. Veterinary Clinic of Ryazan works 24 hours a day: from Monday to Sunday.

snow leopard veterinary clinic Ryazan

You can contact the doctors by calling +7 (4912) 500-364 or by writing to e-mail - [email protected] "Snow leopard", veterinary clinic, Ryazan, International street, 22a - this is the full address of the place where they will do everything in the power of doctors to cure the pet.

Other medical institutions for animals

But the Snow Leopard is not the onlyveterinary clinic of Ryazan. There is also "Aibolit", "9 lives", "4 paws". At each of these institutions I would like to stay longer, but ... I do not want to repeat, because they are all good in their own way:

  • friendly and united team;
  • wide experience;
  • high level of training of specialists;
  • base of accumulated knowledge;
  • constant improvement.

Therefore, we should stop at the "golden mean".

Features of the Veterinary Clinic "9 Lives"

Veterinary clinic "9 lives", Ryazan, streetTatarskaya, house 43 ... Quite simple address, but how many people know it? Hardly, because everyone used to choose what is closer to home, and not what will be better for the pet.

Here, in particularly difficult cases, the animal can beleave and for inpatient treatment. In addition, there are highly qualified specialists who will prepare a pet for the exhibition, bring his fur coat in order, make grooming.

Work even dentists who will cure teethhome pet. "9 lives" is equipped with modern equipment: diagnostic and therapeutic. It also has its own laboratory. Therefore, the veterinary clinic "9 lives" (Ryazan) - an institution with a high level of service.

"9 lives" works around the clock. Caring people are ready to give their help to the animal at any time. They can be contacted at +7 (4912) 227-223.

veterinary clinic 9 lives Ryazan

Advantages of veterinary clinics

Which veterinary clinic Ryazan stillmost most? Solve this issue is very difficult, because they are all good. They have quality equipment, excellent, understanding and caring specialists. Such people are not afraid to entrust the creature to which they are attached, because you are responsible for it.

On this note, a short excursion to veterinary clinics in Ryazan should be completed. What I would like to say at last ... Fluffy or smooth-haired, flying or four-legged, large and not very ...

Our pets give their love absolutelywithout asking anything in return ... Does not it seem that it will be right on our part to answer them the same and entrust care of the sick animal to those people who understand this?

Will not it be right to give them the bestmedical care from professionals who love the "brothers" of our smaller and connected their lives with a profession worthy of great respect and praise - the profession of a veterinarian?

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