A very frequent phenomenon in the modern world is thedizziness in women. The causes of this temporary illness can be very different, ranging from fatigue, ending with serious factors associated with violations in the body.

dizziness in women causes
The only normal dizziness isjust a reaction to riding on a carousel or transport. If a person does not feel balanced, he is sick, he sweats, this indicates strong problems with the vestibular apparatus.

Causes of dizziness in women may includeits number of pleasant and exciting moments in life. Which woman will not be overwhelmed after the long-awaited declaration of love or a broken jackpot? Of course, adrenaline can be obtained after stress: a speech in front of a large audience, stay on top.

Even if you do not take into account that with thesethe head will spin around any people, you can not ignore the dizziness in women. Causes may be concealed in elevated or lowered arterial pressure.

causes of dizziness in women
Among the beautiful half of humanity headpains are much more common than in men. Perhaps it depends on the emotional background of this or that person. It's not a secret that women are more vulnerable and tender creatures who experience much stronger than men even where this is not justified.

Some lovers of different diets can alsofeel dizzy. Where does dizziness appear in women in such situations? The reasons for this are very simple: the body ceases to receive the usual amount of various substances for it. Women suffer from anemia and iron deficiency in the blood - these diseases also cause dizziness.

The head can also spin because of curvaturespine and osteochondrosis, however strange it may seem at first glance. Due to impaired blood circulation, the brain does not receive the required amount and the right blood pressure. In this case, dizziness will be quite long.

dizziness temperature

Dizziness, fever, nausea, vomiting,loss of coordination of movements may indicate that your vestibular apparatus is seriously ill. In addition, the head "can turn" can also the most common otitis, in which the temperature is also increased.

Whatever the reasons, it is always necessaryknow about first aid to the suffering person. First, it must be immediately put on your back. The head, neck and shoulders should be placed on the pillow - this will prevent the inflection of the vertebral arteries. Turning your head should be prohibited. Do not forget that the windows should be well open, and on the forehead of the patient should be a vinegar soaked with a cold towel. In the meantime, while "ambulance" help rushes to you, measure pressure, temperature and pulse to the patient.

To avoid dizziness, try lessnervous, get the necessary amount of vitamins, be outdoors and follow the regime of the day. In addition, lead a healthy lifestyle. You will not be afraid of dizziness in women, whose causes you are successfully eliminating.

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