At the end of the XIX century on the desert plainSokolnicheskogo field was built highway, which became known as Sokolniki. There were yards along this highway, there were not many of them. The settlement was small and invisible, but it was here, among the magnificent birch grove, the construction of a children's model hospital was started. Tsarist time was different in that practically all medical institutions were built on private donations, and for this exception was not made. Already after the revolution, the Bolsheviks safely renamed the highway to Rusakovskaya Street (in honor of their comrade-in-arms, a doctor by vocation), and the hospital became known as Rusakovskaya. But whatever the name, St. Vladimir's Hospital in Sokolniki has always maintained its title of exemplary.

Pavel Grigorievich von Derviz

The main inspirer and patron of constructionthe children's hospital became Russified German industrialist Pavel Gigorievich von Derviz. He, on the permission of the Governor-General of Prince Dolgoruky, donated 400 thousand rubles for charity, paying tribute to his deceased in Russia, the firstborn. Pavel G. insisted that the hospital bears the name of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir, widely known for his benefactions in favor of sick, crippled and simply needy people.

St. Vladimir's Hospital Branch
To St. Vladimir's Hospital in Sokolnikichildren were small and large, but not older than 12 years. And an obligatory condition for its existence was the maintenance of a hundred beds for children from among those families who could not pay for the treatment. Doctors took the sick every day, regardless of holidays and weekends, from 8 to 12 days, and the rest of the time with care and diligence healed.

Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics

Children's Hospital of St. Vladimir in Sokolniki- one of the oldest in Moscow. For many years now she holds the status of exemplary, her doctors have the titles of candidates of sciences and the highest qualification in their profession.

hospital in the falconers of St. Vladimir
It is an urgent help to allneedy. And, perhaps, one of the first departments, which was opened in the hospital, is traumatology. A little man, restless and inquisitive, quickly learns the world, so much so that the doctor's help is needed.

In St. Petersburg City HospitalVladimir has specialists who know how fragile children's bones are, how easily injuries and bruises appear. Head of the 3rd department of traumatology Sergey Valerievich Rassovsky and his team actively participate in the development of low-traumatic methods of fracture healing, in the search for new ways of treating intraarticular fractures, diagnose and successfully treat a compression fracture of the spine. In this department, which was opened on the basis of the Department of Pediatric Surgery at TSOLIUV back in 1959, bruises, dislocations, fractures, craniocerebral and neurotrauma, cysts on the bones, congenital and acquired pathologies of bones and skulls are not ignored. In addition, all departments of St. Vladimir's Hospital, including traumatology, are also supervised by other doctors: a pediatrician, an oculist, a neuropathologist. They are ready to help every child at any time of the day.

Surgery for newborns and premature babies

One of the most complex departments of the Saint HospitalVladimir in Sokolniki - surgery of newborns and premature babies. Such children often need not only intensive therapy, but also a difficult operation and care. Due to lack of weight in preterm infants often inguinal hernia. It happens that it can be managed by the doctor at the place of residence.

St. Vladimir hospital reviews
And it also happens that fix inguinalpinching can only surgeon. Subject to immediate intervention and hemangioma, and umbilical hernia, and many other troubles - congenital and acquired. Doctors of the surgical department, led by Kartseva Elena Vasilievna, candidate of medical sciences, help to find to their tiny patients and their parents hope for recovery.

Chambers "Mother and Child"

There are wards "Mother and Child" in the clinic, and mummiesthemselves take care of their children. It is the immediate affinity with parents, their unconditional love that stabilizes even the most difficult conditions and significantly affects the process of recovery. The department is equipped with the most modern equipment, which diagnoses and treats small patients.

Resuscitation is a department where people are brought back to life

Resuscitation in the language of doctors is a return to life. Here are the heaviest patients who need urgent help in restoring the fading functions of the body.

City Clinical Hospital of St. Vladimir
Department Head I. Stroganov and his subordinates sometimes lead an unequal struggle with clinical death, sometimes at the peak of their capabilities. The office was opened in 1970, but the number of lives saved exceeds tens of thousands. Small patients who have been treated with various developmental anomalies, newborns with intrauterine infection or in shock are placed in the reliable hands of resuscitation physicians of the highest qualification.

Victory over a terrible disease

With the help of modern equipment,how bad the condition of the child. This is difficult, but giving hope for salvation, the department works around the clock, as do doctors who nursed sometimes hopeless patients, giving parents the joy of defeating a terrible disease.

St. Vladimir Clinical Children's Hospital
In the Children's Hospital of St. Vladimir are acceptedchildren from all over the country, each is assigned a personal doctor. With complex diagnoses and concomitant diseases, other specialists from different departments of the hospital or from others come to the rescue.

Center for gravitational surgery of blood and hemodialysis

On the territory of the clinic is the Centerhemodialysis, which has been led by Zverev Dmitry Vladimirovich for 40 years. This department accepts children with severe renal dysfunction. The most modern equipment is hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, plasmapheresis. They constantly work on improving the method of treating children with such a difficult diagnosis, as kidney failure.

St. Vladimir Clinical Hospital
The Center is engaged in scientificthroughout its entire existence. Leading specialists are working to improve the methods of treatment of hematico-uremic syndrome. There are also more difficult situations when a kidney transplant is needed. The renowned doctors of the center conduct all the necessary preparations and arrangements for organ transplantation. An invaluable experience accumulated over these years in the treatment of such diseases, the doctors of the center pass on to their colleagues.

Words of gratitude about the model hospital of St. Vladimir

Children's Clinical Hospital of St. Vladimirwas opened on August 1, 1876, and now more than one hundred and forty years is the largest clinic where children with severe pathologies of development, traumas, bruises are treated. Thousands of small patients receive urgent skilled care and live during therapy in clean wards. Many parents respectfully write reviews about St. Vladimir's Hospital, in which they do not stint on kind words of gratitude. From the bottom of my heart I thank the doctors-resuscitators and surgeons. Even the high workload does not prevent them from paying close attention to their wards, they try to answer all the questions of parents related to the treatment or the condition of the sick child, they readily advise and advise. And all this without haste and irritation. These are real professionals of their business, who can be trusted with the most precious things that parents have - the health and lives of their children.

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